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Scanner of your heart

Posted in Random » Tests 29 May 2009   / 44730 views

Only 7 simple questions to answer!
There are things without which a person cannot exist - air, water, food and, of course, love.
This test will give you the opportunity to learn what such things as love, relationships, betrayal, sympathy mean to you.
All is built on simple associations. Answer seven questions and get the decoding of your unconscious desires and thoughts.

There’s the end of the world. You can save only one kind of animals. Which one would you pick?
(Step 1 / 7)





How good is your visual memory?

Posted in Random » Tests 25 Mar 2009   / 111138 views

Excellent and simple test. Look at the image and then click at the LAST circle that appeared.
Put your results into the comments ;)

How good is your visual memory?

Test. How old is your brain

Posted in Random » Tests 2 Mar 2009   / 48248 views

This is a very interesting Japanese test.
It is widely known that our brain gets older and doesn’t always correspond to our actual age and it is likely to get older quicker if we don’t train it.
Of course, there are lots of other factors that influence its ageing like, for example, stress and bad habits (smoking).
First, you will see numbers which you should remember. Then, you’ll see circles that conceal these numbers.
Click on the circles in ascending order to uncover the numbers.
With every correct answer you’ll get an additional number as you proceed. Every time you fail, one number will be removed.
Put your results in the comments.
Very first time I tried I got 56 :$ and the second – 27 ))

Test. How old is your brain

Test. Guess a star!

Posted in Random » Tests 26 Jan 2009   / 43845 views

We propose to your attention a little amusing test where you will see child pictures of stars or of famous people with answer choices below.
To see a correct answer, click on a small picture ( a new window will open with a recent photograph of a star with his/her name)
The results of the test are not counted. It’s just for you to see if your sense of perception is well developed. Plus, it is interesting to see some stars in their childhood that don’t resemble to what they have become.
There are only 36 stars ;) Good luck to all! And don’t forget to put your result into your comment ;)

Test. Guess a star!