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  1. ...
    wounderfull ok
  2. me
    those are totally shopped, geez.
  3. irbisa
    No sh*t Sherlock!
  4. anonymous
    this is a really cool idea. I like how well the pictures go together. The sixth picture is the one I like the most, because it shows the bodies on the sidewalk back then, and the people today having no idea what they are walking past. Great job.
  5. commies r cool
    The first thing i thought was, geeze in 60+ years they have built NO NEW BUILDINGS! hooray for communisim! down with progress!
  6. Random Currents
  7. heywood
    Awesome! 35
  8. smgordon1259
    Beautiful work you have there my friend. I will book mark your site to see what other great work you post . keep up the good work.

  9. mises
    commies r cool,

    me too
  10. ajmal
    intresting concept
  11. trickeedicky
    looks tres cool man very impressed
  12. J
    Wow man, those are really cool. A fun piece of history
  13. Olden
    Rather than a swatch of history in a modern photo. I'd love to see something more interactive. Perhaps Flash animation that has a slider where you start with the original photo and then as you move the slider, the scene fades to the historical shot. That would be really cool!
  14. Keith
    Amazing. Great detective work and photoshop work. It was a real pleasure
  15. catless
    I wonder if in 50 years or so someone will look at these photos and be confused about the mixed information. These images should be labeled very clearly what they are. I found it terribly jarring to find the old details mixed with the modern ones. In other words, if you are going to photoshop an image, it better be very clear that that was the intention. Already one of the comments here very disdainfully said, "those are totally shopped, geez." Sure, the guy totally missed the whole point and didn't read the paragraph explaining the photos. So will a lot of other people.
  16. me
    @14, please tell me you are a troll and I just fed you, please? I couldn't stand to think you are for real and possibly contributing to the gene pool.
  17. joy
    Koshechka_11 you had shute yore malf poop
  18. Myself
    It is pretty obvious as to what the pictures are depicting, and if, in 50 years or so there are people who do not have the brains to figure it out, then I pray I will not be living near any of them.
  19. wow
    if u dont know what is going on in these pictures then you are a complete moron
  20. The one who remembers the heroes of the
    people listen to yourself... you say the pictures are "amazing, wonderful, brilliant and great"... while I can agree that the idea is interesting, I would say it's a complete arrogance to say that the pictures are "awesome" , etc. There were 3mln. people captured in Leningrad at that time of which 450k thousand were children... Daily thousands of people were dying from hunger... during the first winter 800k citizens died... and after the first winter there were another two to go... when all the dogs, cats and rats were eaten, people had to eat other humans' corpses... and you say the pictures are "brilliant" ????? shame on you... these scenes are horrible... and those of you from the USA have no clue what the WW2 did to this city and its inhabitants...
  21. andrei
    why do you call the city leningrad, a comunist name, when it's rightful name is Sankt Petersburg ?
  22. anon
    sheesh 19, I think you're missing the point. the photographer/artist whatever isn't using leningrad as some parody or joke. If anything its more of a memorial or recognition of what happened. The people that walk those streets don't seem to take notice the hardships that occured; people lay dead in the streets while others fought for survival. And how is it "arrogance" to say the pictures are awesome? These are a set of pictures that merge past and present into one and allow one to at the very least recognize there was someone ages ago that had a life like them and who suffered during much worse times

    and really19, why bring the US into it? because we know people in Australia or Canada are keeping up to date with Russion History? Use some sense man

    I hope you're a troll, I really do.
  23. dian
    history in pictorial view.... great idea.
  24. jobless
    you should post just the originals also
  25. Moi
    this was cool.. and in a way creepy..
    but i liked it :)
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  27. 26
  28. Josh                    show commment
  29. yvonne
    Good Work, Thank you for the gift of rememberance. vishenka_33
  30. Dav
    Stunning work !!! clapping , and dos not matter if name is Leningrad or St. Petersburg . It's Heroic City and always will be ! Thank You
  31. Melody
    absolutely stunning. i love these pieces.
  32. angus
    Very touching idea ,the point being to show people ,yes this is how it was terrible as it seems though by doing this it shows people do move on but without forgetting their history.Ithink you could do this in most places where war touched peoples lives in the citys all around the world eg Vietnam , london during the blitz, europe during the middle ages.very good.
  33. Carl
    Truly stunning idea and vey well done. Thats history coming to life and I love it.
  34. laura
    amazing. inspiring. wonderful.
  35. 8i5+0
    Very evocative. Brilliant idea. Makes me want to do the same.
  36. Stalin
    awesome idea comrade thank you for sharing!
  37. Greg
    What are the blimp/tank like devices in #s 4, 7, and 9
  38. Jeff
    Could someone clue me in on what the giant balloons are? Love the pictures BTW
  39. Pitcher
    2 Jeff: "Giant ballons" - it's a part of anti-aircraft system.
  40. Chris Hoke
    Absolutely amazing. Well done. Also, they were Soviet Barrage Balloons, an anti-aircraft defense, in pictures 4, 7, and 9.

    "The risk of crashing into the tethering cables or the balloons itself pushed enemy airplanes to fly at higher altitude to bomb their targets, thereby decreasing surprise and bombing accuracy while enhancing ground-based air defenses and intercepting fighters... A 20 meters long and 8 meters wide balloon above a specific target meant a great added hindrance to any attempt of dive bombing, like the ones carried out by the well known Stukas, which threw themselves into the targets to drop their bombs."

    They used them in London as well.
  41. ChalkLine
    Ouch. My heart hurts.
    What haunting images.

    The artist did an incredible job. Message received.

  42. xxx
    elvis Art....
  43. Pappino
    WhiteVoid_1 Lenyugozo WhiteVoid_1
  44. seriouisly
    A tasteful, well done pictorial, THEN STUPID CHILDISH AVATARS.
  45. CJ
    Amazing work, whoever did this, a lot of time and care has gone into it. Very moving.
  46. David L. Bayard
    Such a powerful story of Humanity.
    I cried.....
  47. human
    perfect, i liked it
  48. John
    Fantastic work! It's gives the modern photos an eeri, ghostly feeling. Amazing work!
  49. Betina
    Wonderful!! But how can I do this? I need it for a school work
  50. Jack Aubery
    "funny"? "Really funny"

    Are you a natural born asshole, or did you have to practice a lot?
  51. Shia
    I almost cried, what haunting images. A beautiful echo of time

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