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4 Games of the day

Posted in Games of the day   31 Mar 2009   / 3366 views

Open Doors 2
Simply move the square to the X... again! But now there are double-doors, collapsible floors, and switches. Plus, get medals for completing the puzzle fast and in the least number of moves

Puzzle game with a colourful twist – complete the circuit to light the lights! Link sources to create new colours, and watch out for wrapping on the later levels…

Super Mafia Land
Make your way across a strange and mysterious land as you try to find the meaning of why things are just so darn mysterious. Use your amazing jumping, running, and puzzle-solving abilities and find out why... just why... the mafia is involved

Love to Jump
Play Love To Jump Game and perform some cool moves by jumping on a trampoline to impress the Olympic judges, show them how good your acrobatic trampoline skills are. Choose from four different gymnasts and master up to twelve varied aerial tricks to impress the judges. Evolve the gymnasts trampoline jumping skills as they train

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Comments (2):

SuperMilow 6 year s ago MARK AS SPAM
open doors 2 heart kinda hard
CrownRoyalty is truly the best kind of royalty their is!
Saowaluk 3 year s ago MARK AS SPAM
The young lady in light colored suit might be Ella Raines, beacuse of the widows peak. There is another actress that this look like; but she was more of a B movie actress and I can't recall her name.