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  1. koreanwutard
    Bless those people!!! =/
  2. Amin                    show commment
  3. ta2li
    oh my...
  4. himes                    show commment
  5. capa76                    show commment
  6. SuperMilow
    thats what a stalemate will do to a country! and its a said thing to witness
  7. struky                    show commment
  8. willbhome
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    Thanks again.
  9. J. BrownTown
    WOW God Bless those people. n_wassat
  10. Fo' Skin
    No wonder those people are so pissed! n_angry
  11. David Klecker
    North Korea has largely become a xenophobic and paranoid and "torn" country. They are basically automotons barely clinging onto their souls as they are spoon fed their information and brainwashed into believing their propaganda. Seriously, invading North Korea will spurn outrage for years to come, but the end result will be FAR better for them and the rest of the world if we just did anyways. Unfortunately we will have a hard time convincing both China and Russia we are not their to eliminate communism and in turn. They are the only two friends to NK that keeps the world from overthrowing it.
  12. duhhh
    2nd last photo.. hes actually taking a piss.
  13. us tax payer
    let those losers die out. dun give them aid with our money.
  14. gggbot
    impressive !
  15. Hahn
    If an entire country can be insane, then this one is !!!!
  16. culture revolution
    In China ,this happens in the years of culture revolution
  17. subho
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