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  1. nat
    I wouldn't let my kids read that!
  2. login...
    Kids must know that nobody shouldn't touch them like this fucking uncle. Book with "happy end", but unfortunatelly life is more cruel.
  3. Otus
    I think its form of childs book to make ppl think.
  4. FWAT
    umm... I'm not sure that this is for children.
    life is cruel, and this may only make children call their friend faggot or so.
    It can happen.
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  8. lolipop
    hmm parents should read this... n_angry
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  10. SuperMilow
    wtf???? I saw this a few years back and i thought it was a joke! wow peopl are dumb to read thie to there children
  11. ii
    I think this insults people who are gay...
  12. RuaJapans
    as creepy as this book was. It was still pretty good. clapping
  13. Ian L
    Yes, because every boy that turns out gay must have turned out that way because someone molested him and his father ignored him. What right wing idiots wrote this book?
  14. Der
    This is both ignorant and offensive... yet hilarious
  15. mkk
    uncle pete looks like conan o'brien!!! :D
  16. Hello
    hmm. This might be a book offered to young gay kids at those religious re-education camps they call homosexual rehabilitation facilities.

    This could also be exactly what it claims to be and written by a less cynical person. A boy with heavy home problems, who has a warped sense of behavior around other males do to a pedophile, gets harassed by his peers due to this, gets depressed, sees a counselor and realizes that such behavior is for men who love men, feels he doesn't have this type of love, realizes he isn't gay as others tell him, starts the long process of sorting out his issues.
  17. josh
  18. this is obviously fake
    look at the binding marks, the odd printing of the letters....good stuff, but not a real book.
  19. laughinghard
    This is just one of those far-right books that holds to the theory that ALL gay people had bad parents and were molested, otherwise they'd be straight.

    It's crap, but funny to see as a kids book. Show's how crazy they are.
  20. lameaskhoax
    I like the fact that is so fake since he hasn't even given the title of the book.
  21. Alex
    Oh Come on. This book is making it sound like you become gay by being molested and being far from your father. That is a load of shit. Gay people are normal, it's genetics. This sounds like something from the 70's. Try watching the TV Movie, Prayers For Bobby, you'll know what I mean.
  22. koli
    show me a homosexual person that was raised in a safe and loving environment and i'll show you a liar. sure this book is messed up a bit, but i've never met a gay person that didn't have a past similar to this one. it's not just "genetics" its both.
  23. lame
    This was probably made by mormons... so sad how someone could write that or think that.
  24. GAY
    LOL...I take it that you don't know many gay people if you think every gay person has a past similar to this book.
  25. Angelo Milfastos
    Yes, I'm gay, and nobody touched me in my childhood!!!!!!
    my family love me....
    and this "book" sucks....

  26. Tourettes

    No SANE person would fail to take advantage of the experience offered by a male/female emotional/sexual relationship. No sane person.
  27. Jack
    Dead on true. Homosexuality is, to a large extent, a result of one of two key factors; molestation and a deficiency in a relation with a same sex parent. Despite the effort to brainwash folks into considering the practice normal nothing could be farther from the truth.
  28. 28
    THis book is so far from the truth. It's authored by someone who obviously doesn't have a clue as to what being gay is. Comment #27 is also made by someone who doesn't have a clue.

    If you want to find out what it's like to be gay, ask a gay person, not someone who hates gays. It's sad to think there are people out there who believe this. Unfortunately it will take a generation or two for ancient beliefs like this to disappear.

    I'm gay, was never molested, have a great relationship with my Dad and brothers and I'm as "normal" as anyone else. It's genetics; I was born this way, the same way I was born with blue eyes.

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  31. L
    Pedophilia cannot be "cured". They are who they are genetically. And no amount of "therapy" will ever change it. The "uncle" did not cry because he was sorry but because he was caught.
  32. Buy oem
    rLF3FF Uh, well, explain me a please, I am not quite in the subject, how can it be?!...

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