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  1. rubending
    what a pity!
  2. pitterpat
    A lot of these are in areas that have been wrecked by hurricanes. In South East Florida alone in 2005, four hurricanes came up from the gulf and hit the same cities and towns again, and again, and again. No sooner would we rebuild or be in the middle of restoration that we'd be slammed again.

    Others look like they're out west off of what is Route 66. When Interstate 40 was built, it replaced Route 66 and 80% of all motels, roadside diners, gas stations, shops etc. went out of business since they no longer got the travelers coming through the towns.

  3. Al
    the last image reminds me of a place in southern California ... the pool is covered in spray paint. It is amazing how these places change over the years.
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  6. Leisure Specialist
    Salton Sea
  7. Heather
    n_belay Aw...
  8. Swann2b
    What a pity that the photographer doesn't know that the one of the
    Sportsman Inn in Marion, NC has never been abandoned or closed. I work there and know the owners. They empty the pool for maintaince (cracks) He needs to realize it is an old beater of a motel, but going strong!
  9. 4down2
    that sucks...ghostly !

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