Beautiful rescue story (8 pics)

A police officer managed to save 12 ducklings, which fell in a storm drain and were trapped there.
On the first photo is hero: Eileen Emiddio and one of the concerned parents. They await the arrival of emergency service unit.
Look how the rescue operation took place.

1 Beautiful rescue story (8 pics)

2 Beautiful rescue story (8 pics)

3 Beautiful rescue story (8 pics)

4 Beautiful rescue story (8 pics)

5 Beautiful rescue story (8 pics)

6 Beautiful rescue story (8 pics)

7 Beautiful rescue story (8 pics)

8 Beautiful rescue story (8 pics)



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  3. Ariel
    Clap Clap clapping
  4. Phil E. Drifter
    That cop is pretty hot. She could have kept the last 2 in her hat and had a free dinner! 27 wink
  5. LOC
    FUCK THE POLICE n_angry
  6. anonym
    It says 12 ducklings but only 11 show in the pics, maybe she kept one indeed
  7. Disco Stu
    "fuck the police" man... get a life, they have the most thankless job in the world and sure some of them a dicks but most just want to do whats right.

    Cutos for saving them ducks!
  8. capa76                    show commment
  9. khbbkhkhj                    show commment
  10. nobody
    That's about the only things cops should be doing....rescuing little ducks...
  11. thank-you
    Thanks for saving them - what a great job you did!
    Ignore these other idiots on here who don;t have a heart
    or moral bone in their body! What would they have done?
    Scary to even think about!
  12. demitre
    hey, the first cop story this year not involving a beatdown of an innocent citizen!

  13. Ed
    demitre,maybe you should get out more.
  14. dannicash
    Great job comes from big heart!! Good work!!
  15. Sarah
    Baybee's!!!! How cute!
  16. bob
    and then she went home and had a delicious meaty dinner.. but its ok, the meats were from ugly animals like cows and pigs.
  17. ppesk
    She supposed has feed kitten or puppy, something like that.... No neck skin for ducks please.... You will twist off their neck....
  18. ubersp00k
    Mmm.. Fresh ducks.. Time for a snack!
  19. bowsie
    see what the thing is the duck will do this again due to a stupidity that wont go away aka ITS A DUCK
  20. FalconryFriends
    That's a great story. We have ducks and they lay their eggs in very stupid unprotected places sometimes 36
  21. jason
    Shouldn't she have taken them to DPS (Duckling Protective Services) and charged the mom with neglect? Obviously, the mother in this case had a serious failure to take care of her young ones.....
  22. angela
    41 41 41 41 41 41
  23. Buy cheap software
    fYGKlY Interesting, but still I would like to know more about it. Liked the article:D

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