Transformation of the ugly duckling (22 pics)

That's huge! Now I know that before you begin a serious relationship with a girl, you MUST see what she looks like without makeup.
We've already had some articles on the subject, but it will never stop surprising me every time.
Here is an excellent example. On the first pic, the girl is without makeup. Then look at her gradual transformation, and what you see in the end will surprise you (well, you know that already).

1 Transformation of the ugly duckling (22 pics)

2 Transformation of the ugly duckling (22 pics)

3 Transformation of the ugly duckling (22 pics)

4 Transformation of the ugly duckling (22 pics)

5 Transformation of the ugly duckling (22 pics)

6 Transformation of the ugly duckling (22 pics)

7 Transformation of the ugly duckling (22 pics)

8 Transformation of the ugly duckling (22 pics)

9 Transformation of the ugly duckling (22 pics)

10 Transformation of the ugly duckling (22 pics)

11 Transformation of the ugly duckling (22 pics)

12 Transformation of the ugly duckling (22 pics)

13 Transformation of the ugly duckling (22 pics)

14 Transformation of the ugly duckling (22 pics)

15 Transformation of the ugly duckling (22 pics)

16 Transformation of the ugly duckling (22 pics)

17 Transformation of the ugly duckling (22 pics)

18 Transformation of the ugly duckling (22 pics)

19 Transformation of the ugly duckling (22 pics)

20 Transformation of the ugly duckling (22 pics)

21 Transformation of the ugly duckling (22 pics)

22 Transformation of the ugly duckling (22 pics)



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  1. O_o                    show commment
  2. JixXxJi
    Before: She's not good looking girl
    After: She's a normal girl

    Yeah, that's good
  3. nat
    She needs to tweeze them eyebrows a bit more.
  4. crankdatIRISH
    Those eyebrows need to go! n_wassat
  5. MidnightSight
    agree with the eyebrows problem
  6. anon
    no, no, eyebrows are perfectly normal.
    hate those ugly no-brow-bitches. they always look like they got burned in the face.
    if this girl just smiled in the first pic and the cam was a bit farther away from her face, she wouldn't have to use all that silly stuff.
  7. molgera
    to the author of the article : just post your own picture, make us laugh a little.
  8. severe_009
    Bwahahahhaha n_tongue yeah make up makes so much wonder, but actually it's her hairstyle that made her pretty... i've got a classmate too whos so pretty with all the makeup but not so without n_sad
  9. ngage
    real Photoshop JC-LOL JC-LOL JC-LOL JC-LOL JC-LOL
  10. Me                    show commment
  11. still a yellow girl so its a no go
    me do not do Asia
  12. Enter your name
    Thats rude!
  13. 1
    Who doesn't like Asian girls?
  14. szmata
  15. crownroyalty
    wtf is wrong with you #12
    OHHHHHH SPICY!!!!!!!!
  17. Tarzan
    so before going out with them we will have to have a shower with them ??
    now thats interesting...
  18. peagle
    Assuming the only difference between 1st and last is cosmetic, it appears just a matter of skin complexion and hairstyle. That said I'd say the fact she starts smiling half way through the series and turns her head is a massive visual offset as well.

    Regardless #11 is a racist cunt.
  19. mechanic
    this makes me depressed n_recourse
  20. SuperMilow
    makeup is a wonder!
  21. Marsilvanian
    I wonder how much does it cost to transform like that every time...
  22. slptruth
    Cunts r liars, bitches is hoes, and hoes aint shit! Tricks hoes & floes, bro's before hoes!
  23. a.w.t
    wtf she became hot girl_cray2
  24. lukas
    hahaha taka prawda
  25. Todd
    The eyebrows kick ass. She didn't look much different. Either way she looked pretty hot.
  26. diegopol                    show commment
  27. mrx
    she looks good even without makeup 41
    the last comparision isn't fair - the left photo is taken from strange angle 27 ... you should compare similar shots....

    35 girl_cray2 flirt
  28. carmen
    I think she's pretty both ways..she just has a slight hormonal problem that defines puberty..she's a teenager afer all..when those pimples will be gone she's look the same..besides, it wasn'ta fair comparison because her hair was not done and the lights were shed to make her skin problem look more ugly that it really is.
  29. H
    I don't think she was ugly to begin with, honestly
  30. rubending                    show commment
  31. berrycupcake                    show commment
  32. D
    I prefer girls Without that much makeup that you cannot even recognize them when they wearing no make up at just hides who they really are..and they are striving for that perfect look...just be who you are,because you can scare people if you look beautifull one second..and the next morning without makeup you look like someone different.
  33. d
    Besides the clear complexion, she now has double eyelids.
  34. p.                    show commment
  35. an
    fucking magic , 27
  36. AlmondPocky<3
    I don't think the first picture does her much justice considering it's clearer and more defined, therefore, emphasizing her imperfections. I guess it's to make the transformation look more dramatic. Regardless, she was still pretty to begin with!! How the heck did she get double eyelids though?!? 36
  37. o
    They make special glues and tapes to change the placement of your upper eyelid folds. It does wonders for making your eyes look wider and more awake.
    That's some crazy good make up work, but if your saw her in real life, you'd still be able to see acne bumps casting shadows. That kind of thing you can't hide, I've tried.
    On another note, I personally like her wild eyebrows.
  38. Chris White
    Wow, I'm married and i'd snog her.. Asian chicks rock I want one :(
  39. what the???
    Okay, it's more than just make-up people. She did something to her eyes. There's a technique used by Asian ladies to make an eyefold using special tape and/or glue. Look at her eyes again.
  40. iphonerulez
    I'd have done her even before she put on her makeup. After the makeup, you couldn't separate me from her with a crowbar. yahoo
  41. zak
    Koshechka_11 hi Koshechka_11 WhiteVoid_1 [b][/b]
  42. uo
    she skipped a step, she also gave her eyes a crease
  43. daisygirl
    You were beautiful to begin with. 41
  44. ps
  45. juju
    Bahaha- Fucking Magic made me laugh
  46. SnxCreator
    shes hot!! O_O damn thats a big transformation you people dont know what your talkin about
  47. Rick
    She look like a man
  48. RaveMacbeth!!
  49. anonymous
    Too bad there isn't a "before" picture of her smiling with her hair down. Also, the lighting in the first picture is awful. She'd probably look exactly the same if she only did her eye makeup and just covered up the acne spots. I guess she also used color to fake a more defined bone structure...sneaky. It's pretty amazing how natural that makeup looks in the end, but still, knowing that her entire face is basically repainted is kind of gross.
  50. v
    I don't see there's anything wrong with her wearing makeup & being presentable. It's not overly done anyway. I don't think anyone in world wanna go out looking haggard, greasy & pimply just like we all do in the morning :)

    thought it was a man, getting in drag 41
  51. doublestandardsforwomen
    Funny how women can wear fake hair, fake eye lashes, fake breasts, high heels to make the look taller, crap in their lips to look fuller, whatever other things they use but they have the nerve to get mad at a guy if he even tells her a white lie to avoid and arguement. Such as "do these jeans make my fatass look fat?" When you ask us guys that, we don't think,we are in autoresponse mode unless you pissed us off for some reason. No honey of course your ass doesn't look fat. But all that make up makes you look like a fucking clown is what we are really thinking.
  52. raziel
    looks scarily like my ex girlfriend. only asian. n_what
  53. satpal
    amazing 27
  54. Dave
    But Im gay so I dont have to worry! :P
  55. manny
    You must register before you can view this text.

    i specially like girls who dont specially look attractive in public, but when u get em undressed they got rockin bod ok

  56. incognito562
  57. yes
    with make up she looks nicer
  58. doublestandardsformen
    Wow, you certainly hate women. I have a suggestion, why not become gay and fuck another man since you seem to be so misogynistic. I'm sure no woman has treated you right and it's probably for good reason, you don't deserve proper treatment asshole. Go suck a male cock and be proud of yourself.
  59. bayrack obongu
    nice work
  60. Daniele
    Does anyone know the various creams/products the girl used? Her skin looks flawless afterwards!
  61. hi
  62. uhhh..
    @59 Well they look like Chanel products.
  63. tran thi hong loan
    cha me oi
  64. Poka
    OMG she looks like 100 times better afterwards...HOLY SHIT!!
    And I actually like her eyebrows, they are cute and youthful (with makeup), without the makeup they just look scary...
    HOLY SHIT though lol I think most of it was her skin, really, the makeup got rid of its rough and oily texture.
  65. 2Cool4Ice
    She* is a He*
  66. Athena
    To be honest, her first picture is a really crap picture, who looks good that close up and with such a dopey expression. Also she's got a small acne problem, which is never nice close up. So all in all she looks alright without make-up, its just a horrid photo of a bad skinmoment. But yea she does look amazing after make-up, but asians have so little eyelash, that some mascare makes a huge difference to open up their eyes more
  67. bahah
    just to look like that??!!
  68. cindy
    she looks better in the after pic
  69. blah bitch
    I like the after one but hate her eyebrows
  70. Ranessa
    An itnellgient point of view, well expressed! Thanks!
  71. Lettice
    Thanks for your thgouhts. It's helped me a lot.
  72. Jo yun
    Am I the only who doesn't find this too amazing? I have friends who look completely different with makeup on, it's all about having knowledge of what should be enhanced and what should be covered up. ~
  73. Other
    thick brows are in idiots.

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