Unbelievable but true ... (4 pics)

I want to thank our visitor Justin Griggs who sent us this news.
Here's what he wrote: “These are pictures stright out of the oil fields of West Texas. A worker was making his rounds one morning when he drove up on this huge hole in the ground, they call them “sink holes” nobody is sure what causes them, they just happen spontaneously. This one was an estimated 200ft across and over 50ft deep!”
In the last picture, I put a car into a red rectangle so you could see how big this hole is.
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1 Unbelievable but true ... (4 pics)

2 Unbelievable but true ... (4 pics)

3 Unbelievable but true ... (4 pics)

4 Unbelievable but true ... (4 pics)


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    36 Jesus
  2. FWAT
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  3. caxixi2002
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  4. mazzini
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  5. psycho
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  6. viper
    why do all these kind of things happen in america ??
  7. Ariel
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  8. Texass69
    I love the description. "Nobody is sure what causes them." Apparently the person making this post didn't do much research because it's pretty obvious what causes them. Erosion from underground wells and oil drilling makes a huge empty "cave" under the ground and eventually it collapses. Not considered a rare sight. dash2
  9. sasanka7
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  10. bv                    show commment
  11. Tarzan
    OMg WTF?
  12. einsib
    wtf indeed
  13. ammu
    i like it very much heart heart heart bv,
  14. severe_009
    Oh my... Shomai...
  15. Triangular Wheel.
    The earth is alive both inwardly and outwardly, oil might as well be blood, desire is driving people to act like vampires and political wrangling has become anaesthetic.

    When the elephant gets fed up with the mosquitos she swats them. We won't succeed in killing the planet, only ourselves. But this is all as it should be, let us hope the human race can rediscover some kind of harmony with our world which graciously grants us the opportunity to be alive on it.

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