Celebrities with big foreheads (20 pics)

They all have big foreheads but they did not let this fact hold them back.
Nothing more to add, here is the list of those celebrities:

Angelina Jolie
Angelina is a sneaky five-head, often wearing her hair in a way that hides it, but occasionally a picture slips through showing how robust her forehead actually can be.
1 Celebrities with big foreheads (20 pics)

Alexis Bledel
One of Hollywood's most recognizable fiveheads. You could park buses on that thing.
2 Celebrities with big foreheads (20 pics)

Jennifer Garner
Jennifer Garner's enormous forehead is only noticeable from certain angles. But it's really noticeable when someone manages to get a photo of it from those angles.
3 Celebrities with big foreheads (20 pics)

Christian Slater
4 Celebrities with big foreheads (20 pics)

Ted Danson
Sometimes I confuse Ted Danson with Frankenstein's monster.
5 Celebrities with big foreheads (20 pics)

Danny Glover
This one is partially to blame on a receding hairline, but Danny Glover has always had a giant shiny forehead.
6 Celebrities with big foreheads (20 pics)

Marcia Cross
7 Celebrities with big foreheads (20 pics)

Mena Suvari
I'm not sure Mena Suvari even counts as a famous person anymore since she hasn't been in a lot of stuff lately, but it would be imprudent to leave her off the list.
8 Celebrities with big foreheads (20 pics)

Nicole Kidman
Nicole Kidman's forehead is so big, it almost seems to stick out further than her face.
9 Celebrities with big foreheads (20 pics)

10 Celebrities with big foreheads (20 pics)

Rachel McAdams
I have to admit, some people pull off the fivehead look pretty well.
11 Celebrities with big foreheads (20 pics)

Christina Ricci
Christina Ricci's face is 90% forehead.
12 Celebrities with big foreheads (20 pics)

Will Smith
13 Celebrities with big foreheads (20 pics)

Summer Glau
The object of many a nerds desires, Summer Glaa sports a pretty expansive fivehead.
14 Celebrities with big foreheads (20 pics)

Tyra Banks
Tyra Banks has said before that she credits her success as a model to her large forehead.
15 Celebrities with big foreheads (20 pics)

James Van Der Beek
16 Celebrities with big foreheads (20 pics)

Patrick Harris
17 Celebrities with big foreheads (20 pics)

Beavis & Butt-head
18 Celebrities with big foreheads (20 pics)

19 Celebrities with big foreheads (20 pics)

20 Celebrities with big foreheads (20 pics)



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  1. hi
    izi, you're awesom3.
  2. mr2_3sgte
    not all of em are that bad. except for rihanna's ahaha
  3. xpwurld                    show commment
  4. H-K
    it's a mark of intelligence...
  5. 12
    what about olivia wilde....
  6. psycho
    ha ha n_tongue
  7. Ariel                    show commment
  8. nat
  9. diegopol
    haha n_tongue
  10. Peanuts

    OMG!!! She is the inventor of this thread!

    it's a forehead with bodyparts on it!
  11. berrycupcake                    show commment
  12. severe_009
    Errrrrrr... the last part looks shopped?
  13. Mia
    I have a forehead, and so does my son. We love it
  14. t
    i hav a big 4head...but its okay cuz i hav a cute face....at long as ur pretty u got sumin to bak it up...rite
  15. Ali
    me too i have a sevenhead but im REALLY cute.lol
  16. Kelsey
    I don't like that your insulting them... I have a big forehead and I came on here to try I cheer up about it, but you just made me feel wayyyy worse...
  17. jenn
    I definitely agree Kelsey.... I've been teased for mine my entire life... definitely extremely self conscious about it :(
  18. jessie777
    whats wrong with big foreheads??? my best friend has one and its not a big deal... she's soooo insecure about it and stuff like this just makes it worse. most of these people are gorgeous!! like angelina jolie and olivia wilde and other women!! most likely sexier, and more talented than you....
  19. bitchvagina
    acute clapping dance3 dance blush2 n_wassat dirol dirol elvis clapping elvis drinks fool flirt dirol dance n_sad blush2
  20. Pearmomma
    Hi Iam Prabhu from chennai,joined today in this forum... :)
  21. tata
    i have a big forehead i hate it
  22. Mery
    You forget Resse Whiterspoon and Jennifer Love Hewitt ;)
  23. jae
    this thread just proves how oviously lame and insucure you are by hiding behind a computer and judging on other peoples looks hell have you got nothing better to do with your time?? I tell you what when you are as talented, or rich, or beautifal as these people you get back to me.
  24. Missy
    Big foreheads are better than big noses!
  25. luv
    Nobody listed snoop dog? Smh.....
  26. alicia
    I have a long face... but I dont think it's like other long faces I have seen, because I have a big forehead too... and I have to say, everytime I look these types of photos up to see if anyone happens to have a face like mine, I don't find one! But you know what I do find? People saying that if you have a long face OR a big forehead then your not pretty... but what about the people who have both? I am sooo insecure about my looks, but now I feel way worse, since all of those pictures aren't nearly as bad as me....
  27. Chelsea
    you guys are so pathetic. its really mean to post photos up of people and judging them. even worst, by laughing. how ignorant are you guys? it's not like you guys are fucking perfect. so shut the fuck up. small foreheads or big, everyone is beautiful in their own way. alot of people are insecure about their looks, and you're not making them feel any better about it.
  28. Enter your name
    this is so rude.
  29. tati
    i got a big5 head, im starting to show it and see how it goes, cuz im a lil cutie :) im starting not to care what people think. its just a damn forehead, come on girls and boys lets embrace it more!
  30. uzra
    OMG is Rihanna's picture played with? coz thats unreal. :O :O
  31. Enter your name
    I have a big fore head but I dont care anymore:)
  32. Jackoftrades
    Hey, babies have huge foreheads. Its what makes them soooo cute. Next time you see a baby, you'll notice it. Big foreheads are a blessing!
  33. Enter your name
    Honestly, they Are still gorgeous!
  34. Donna
    Sheesh, I wish I had a larger forehead - mine's on the smaller side of medium, no-one notices but me, but I aways feel insecure about it.
    A shoutout to all of you with large foreheads - if you got it, flaunt it!
  35. asshole
    I have sixhead instead of six pack
  36. Enter your name
    All you who are laughing about big foreheads disgust me.
    But when I ignore all the petty remarks, I didn't realize how many celebrities had big foreheads yet still embraced them, does make me feel better about mine.
  37. Miss Forehead
    I have a massive forehead: when I was in school kids used to ridicule it. I don't know why but I have never hated having it. I LOVE my forehead! Im female and i got it from my dad and think it just adds to my beauty and gives me a very beautiful and unique profile. I know for a fact it's bigger than mosr of those people in this list. But who cares? Self love and attitude - that's what it's all about.

    God bless you of you have a big forehead like me. We are stunning creatures :-)
  38. Enter your name
    i have a big forehead and i love it i dont care what people think of am perfect the way I Am
  39. Jasmine
    <__<This not me but what this person did really made me sad i can on thiz site to get kinda unsad but itz worst imma go with the bang for the next years of my life :-(
  40. Jasmine
    i spelled came wrong opps ****
  41. Alayja Journet
    i dont really know how it feel to have one because mine is small but i have a friend who has one an she crys everyday from people teasing her an she doesnt do them anything an shes alawys sad its people like who made those pictures who may be like that telling people that *shame on you*
  42. sad girl :(
    i have a bigger head than most of these so this makes me feel pretty bad
  43. Viktor
    i think jason statham's is the biggest one
  44. Haven
    I have a big forehead bigger dan this,it makes me feel sad,insecured n ugly.
  45. Sabz
    LOL @ Beavis and Butthead.
  46. aishaa
    i have a big forehead & i hate it, it makes me feel ugly. And i sometimes try hiding it with my fringe or a band. But, my fringe grows and i cut it wrong sometimes :(
  47. Radness
    Some of these foreheads really aren't that big. Like, I didn't really see how Will Smith's was that big, for example.
    I think I see what's going on here. You have a small forehead. I bet your skull is shaped like Uncle Fester's and you can't wear a fitted hat….unless it's like a child's or some shit.
  48. Place
    i have a very huge forhead n it makes me feel sick!! :|
  49. Bill
    The wrestler called The Undertaker is without the champion
  50. ReevanCarey
    Mariah Carey!!!

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