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  1. briere
    36 oh what the hell! the kid doesnt seem to be enjoying it, i would nvr do that n_wassat belay n_crying
  2. Peanut
    The mother made the kid look hideous. Some parents are nutty.
  3. Bigmannick
    36 wtf?? i thought it was a doll at first!
  4. psycho
    n_wassat dash2 dash2 fool fool fool fool vomit vomit vomit vomit JC_OMG_sign JC_OMG_sign JC_OMG_sign
  5. Sara
    LOL I found this poem on the internet about this baby:

    Dear Lord,
    I’m saying this prayer to you today,
    Please help me get away.
    The parents you gave [me] were rejected by you,
    I came out the womb with no clue.
    You created me grand,
    Tiny and precious and not in command.
    These pictures will live in infamy,
    A pretty baby made to look ugly.
    My mommy and daddy are too stupid to know,
    That my hair will eventually grow.
    Dear Lord, Please help me leave.
    My idiot parents gave me a weave.
  6. Molotov_B
    PARENT FAIL!!!!!!!!

    This kid needs to be taken away from the parents NOW!
  7. Mag

    OMG people relax, they just put a wig on her hair to take a picture. What the hell is wron with that??? Because of that u wanna take away a baby from the parents??? Who's stupid here...
    I put a wig on my dog's head once to take a pic, does that mean that i treat my dog badly and animal rights should take my dog away from me???
    FYI, a lacefront wig uses INDUSTRIAL STRENGTH glue to attach the wig to the scalp. Still feel its harmless fun?
  9. lsp
    um no its not industrial glue. its lace front glue that is easily removed wit soap n water.
  10. PurpleDiamonds
    that looks really wierd
  11. capa76
    n_smile n_smile n_smile n_smile n_tongue n_tongue n_tongue n_tongue n_tongue acute
  12. RedLink
    some parents are incredible stupid... what a great role model Beyonce... that child is more cute and gorgeous that beyonce's future childs.
  13. CJ
    Ok maybe she took it all in fun. Hopefully she didn't use the glue to attach that wig to that baby's head. If that's true all harmless fun for laughs even though the baby looks dumb as hell. She just so happened to take pics. Just shows that people do crazy sh*t behind doors with their babies. Makes me think that some people should never have kids cause they don't deserve them.

    Now if she used that lacefront glue, which by the way has chemicals that should be removed with a glue remover, she should be questioned. Baby skin is very sensitive and harsh chemicals used on adults shouldn't be used on babies.
  14. peter
    is that legal?
  15. One of a kind
    WHat!!!!!!!!1 The HELLLL!!! is wrong folks! Putting your child in a full lace front wig.LOL This baby wont have any scalp left! Whats next arched eye brows, nail tips..? Lap dance anyone? Ya'll trippin
  16. x-tra
    n_angry this is so outrageous....you the parents should a shamed of them selves to put sych images of their child liek that on the internet....if it's for fame well you got your 15 minutes of fame....shame on you and anyone else who thinks it's ok
  17. khloe
    what? no lipstick, acrylic nails, high heel shoes? what kind of half-assed make over is this?
  18. SuperMilow
    not cool at all
  19. VendettaBandit
    Really guys? I have a TON of photos as a kid where my parents put hilarious make-up, wigs, clothes, ...etc. on me & to this day, I have thee best laugh each time I look at them. & so do my family and friends. Seriously, there are more important things to be concerned about in life... Juuust sayin'.

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