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  1. qwed
    looks like they what to beat me up.
  2. sirbrit
    They shouldnt deserve to live.
  3. blah
    cute kids...:(
  4. M
    no.2 here is an asshole. it's not their fault they didn't get an education & were born on the streets. adults are to blame for reproducing , knowing that this could happen
  5. 5
    no. 4 How do you know that? You have research on these particular kids? They could have fucked their mothers and killed their fathers for all you know.
  6. M
    They do look like quite awkward 35 but still... I've seen a lot of these homeless children in several countries... it's the same story everywhere. Large family, uncontrolled birth (lack of education/money/passed on from gen. to gen.)... that's all they can do. I agree with you, SOME of them could be mother fuckers dance4 but in a very small percentage. Natural selection...

    and yes... the correct way to say would be: they shouldn't have been born. After they're born ...fuck it, you can't kill them now. too late.

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