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  1. Its not Romania (Mark)
    You can see on the police car, in romanian is "politia" and on the police car it says "policia". After the writing i think is somewhere in the ex Yugoslavia(Bosnia, Serbia...)
  2. flexy16
    Dude, I'm Romanian and this isn't Romania, must be some gypsey neighbourhood from Ucraine or ex Yugoslavia as that other dude says.
  3. 3
    nope, not romania. Nor the ad or police car sais anything in romania. Get your facts please.
  4. Ebo
    this is in Slovakia ..neighbourhood unit in Košice ..and ppl. not are Romanian ..they are Gipsy ..Try Google image search with "Sídliště Luník"
  5. JWBF
    It's Lunik IX in Kosice Slovakia. It's mostly populated by Roma. Since most don't pay rent or utilities the city had to cut of the power water to there.
  6. confused
    poor people can't be clean??
  7. Dreth
    The fact they don't have electricity or water doesn't mean they have to dump everything in their front lawn.

    They seem more like pigs instead of poor.
  8. 4down2                    show commment
  9. Pasto
    im too from slovakia and this people are GYPSY a many of them are big problem for our country and we are no proud at this people and this reference abou slovakia ...this fotos was maybe took in KOSICE - LUNIK IX
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  11. sendvo
    yes it is in kosice, slovakia.. you can read something about it here http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Luník_IX
    roma communities are problem in slovakia but authorities are trying to do something about it
  12. Streety
    I am from Slovakia too and I explain you this problem.
    This 'town' was built for these people. They had a chance to work but they refused to do that so government decided to cut of their resources. They have COMPLETLY damaged whole "TOWN" it's more like shanty town or if you type District 6 in Google. We are NOT proud about this and we want to get them out of our country. I am not being racist but gypsys are shame of Slovakia. They are lazy,dirty b******s.
  13. kubush
    Iam from Slovakia too and I must say :
    Government has given them theese flats FOR FREE! And what they did? Completely destroyed and polluted it! fool
  14. For Shame
    They are like the black people from South Africa.
  15. robin yates
    nowhere in the west do people like Gypsy or Roma or Didekai, so I guess it is them ( the Roma )who are shit people
  16. ...
    seems like gypsies are all the same wherever they are... we have the same problem here in Croatia as well... not on that big scale but still, they are garbage magnets...
  17. Maleficie
    These same problems also in the Czech Republic. Do not work, do not send children to schools, high crime, usury, prostitution and drugs. They just want more and more benefits from the state. When you say that this is a problem, then you are racist.
  18. JWBF
    The reason there is so much garbage outside is they don't pay taxes either, thus they do not get garbage pick up services from city. The government didn't give the apartments too them they just didn't force them to leave. Because where else can they go.
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  20. wewewe
    Gypsy shit
  21. 2weird2die
    Another greetings from Slovakia.

    Please, don't call them Roma or Romanians - in fact, they don't have anything in common with Roma (capital city of Italy) or with Romanians - not every Romanian is gypsy. I dont understand why shakira sings about them, If she would came to Lunix IX and hovel settlements, she would be raped, robbed and now she'd be probably in hospital on unit of intensive care.

    Even European Union tries to dictate how we should help them, but there is no help, because they don't care about how they live. Its true that they have got these flats for free and guess where heating devices - radiators, sinks&taps ended. YES! in scrap metal! So whole blocks are disconnected from water and energies. I assume that more than 90% of them dont even have work.
  22. Enter your name
    All gypsy scum in european countries should be rounded up & gassed.

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