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  1. Carlo
  2. incognito562
    woah wat happened to the pool..
  3. dan
    why did he leave it did he go broke after all the biteing ear shit ????
  4. Smeggit
    Pic #24... Err, why are there lounge chairs at the bottom of the pool? :)
  5. lolipop
    what happen to his house?
  6. lol
    he's life is a mess & you ask what happened to his pool?
  7. Morpheus
    I'll buy for 100 bucks.. :p
  8. Tremere
    bad taste
  9. laughinggas
    it must have been on a mortgage ( bank can't sell it ) other wise he'd have sold and someone else would be living in it or what he should have done is rent it. Who knows what goes through his mind.

    He might have had money but he certainly had no taste.
  10. Soendoro Soetanto
    Such a big house but lack maintenance.
    Too bad.

    Soendoro Soetanto
  11. :Shamrock:
    OMG! let's do a airsoft here!
  12. greg
    Easy come easy go. He did not put money in his 401K.
  13. Tragic1
    So why did they find it necessary to knock over tree's upstairs and throw potted plants into the pool? Look at the pic's. In one pic they are standing and then pushed over in the next. The potted plants are definetly added during the shoot.

    Why make it look worse than it really is?

    Pics 8 & 9, 27 & 28 all show its been messed up intentionally for the shoot.
  14. ludwig_rx
    @tragic, good observation on pics 8 & 9. /m/
  15. hahaaa
    This asshole Mike Adams who took these shots threw trash around to make the shots look worse, number `13 is right. I hope that Mike Tyson sees how that little faggot trashed his house, I mean how fucking stupid can you get, fucking with Mike Tyson?
  16. DOC RogER
    Legendary boxer Mike Tyson converted to Islam in 1990.

    Shortly After they controlled all his money, now he is broke...........

    Cassius Marcellus Clay (Muhammad Ali) converted from Strict Christian Baptist to Islam in 1965.

    Shortly After they controlled all his money, now he is broke.
  17. ger
    ^^^ Now we know converting to islam can make you broke. Thanks mate I will stick with my religion seems to be much safer.
  18. laughinggas
    And there was I thinking it was Don King.
  19. Pele3
    Nice carpet choose goof ball! Dang Tyson you need a hug bro!
  20. oddball_04
    #18 your an idiot. Watch the movie Tyson to understand why his mansion is like this (if this is really his). Mike tyson at one time had a net value of half a billion dollars and ruthlessly wasted it away on exwifes and poor choices.
  21. Apu Kalipshis
    Hey this house can be rented for do a few adult films......only need some cleaning and ready for action!
  22. 4down2
    What happen to all those pit bulls ? a lot of empty cages !
  23. Homer
    Those are chicken coops.
  24. YeahYeah
    The cages were where Tyson kept pet lions he sold this place to the taebo guy for 1.3 mill but the new owner is under investigation for tax fraud and is just waiting for the house to be sold for taxes
  25. Always an Ohioan
    I have grown up near this home for my entire life. The rumors to why he actually left his home in Southington was because of his tigers. He helped out the town so much and actually had the fire station built. After many complaints from neighbors and other worried towns people about having the large animals, they told him he needed to either get rid of the animals or he would have to leave. It's pretty obvious that he left. The house has had a few owners since Tyson left, but I'm haven't heard anything about what they plan to do with the house.

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