Uncanny Factoid: Oil Rocks



They say that you can’t get blood from a turnip, but the Zimbabwe President Robert Mugabe, thought that Ms. Nomatter Tagarira could get petrol from a rock!


I bet President Robert Mugabe’s face is red as he sees his name splattered across the world in news headlines worldwide.


The president of Zimbabwe was shim-shammed good by Ms. Tagariara.  This female charlatan explained and proved that she could dowse petrol from rocks and even proved it. Although her proof includes assistants hiding behind rocks and pumping out rocks as she dowsed them, she still won over the president to a tune of $2.7 million dollars plus a 50 vehicle convoy for all of her dowsing needs.


It took the government about a year to realize that they had been snookered, and arrest this con-lady. She has been sentenced to a 39 month jail term for fraud. The president has been left with egg on his face and it will take him longer that 39 months to live this one down.


Learn Something:  Oil Shale will burn on its own once it is ignited. 


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    Suffix "oid" means something is similar or like. A "factoid" is something that is "like a fact" but is not.

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