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Uncanny Factoid: Bulletproofing Mexico a Car at a Time

Posted in Random » Uncanny factoid   15 Nov 2010   / 3998 views

It is sad, but true that Mexicans now feel they need a bullet proof car to drive the streets. They feel it is a necessity and not a luxury. These cars sell for an average price of $80,000 dollars. What type of car gets armored?  It is a wide variety including small SUVs, pickups, Hondas, and others. Business is booming and it is estimated that if you purchased a car today you wouldn’t get it until February.


This boom began in 1994 with the kidnapping of a billionaire banker who was held 106 days his family paid a ransom of 30 million dollars. Mexico’s Government thinks that consumers are living under a false sense of security if they own one of these cars. The people need to learn to follow better safety measures then expect a bulletproof car to do it for them.


It isn’t just the public that is buying these bullet proof vehicles, huge drug cartels also own them along with vests and jackets. The manufacturers swear they haven’t sold any of these items to the cartels, but they have them just the same.


Learn Something: The first bullet proof vest was created in 1538, by Francesco Maria della Rovere.

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