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From Bland to Bling Offices Get a Facelift (89 pics)

Posted in Pictures   30 Nov 2010   / 10466 views

End of the year means changes for everyone, and here is a collection of desks and offices that might give you an idea of what to do for your own office space. If you hurry up you can go with a Reindeer Desk in time for Christmas.

The Covet Desk

The Reindeer Desk

The Duplex Workspace Desk

The WD Desk

The Treasury Table

The Wave Desk

The Villa Rose Desk

The Max Ingrand Desk

The Luna Desk

The Life Desk

Le Orchidee Desk

The Kkanapetko Desk

The Track Desk

The Airia Desk

The OneLessDesk

The Lane Desk

The Briefcase Desk

The Crocodile Leather Desk

The Novanta Desk

The StudioDesk

The Level Desk

The Off-the-wall Desk

The Baobab Desk

The Hexa Desk

The Messy Desk

The Alice Desk

The MeMo Desk

The K Workstation

The Drawer Bag

The Hideaway Desk and Chair

The Slimdesk

The Omega Desk

The Aura Desk

The Kinzo Air Table

The Bureau

The WA Desk

Xcetera Desk

The I-Con Desk

The Kidney Shaped Desk

The VU.VU.VU. Computer Desk

The Rainbow Desk

The Mungle Office Desk

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Credits: freshome.com

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Comments (3):

bb 4 year s ago MARK AS SPAM
A desk is a place for function not form. These are all the same lines and I'm bored with the styling. Retry.
lolzz 4 year s ago MARK AS SPAM
36 is cool, according to my taste!
Peanut 4 year s ago MARK AS SPAM
I like 51 & 86.
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