Amazing and Very Rare Natural Phenomenon (28 pics + 1 video)

Guess what’s on this picture? No, it’s not snow.The right answer is after the jump.

Such a natural phenomenon is very rare. It is called Cappuccino coast. Because it doesn’t occur very often, you are a lucky one to see these pictures taken in Cape Town, as Cappuccino was brought to its shores by the strongest storm. This thick foam in the ocean appears when salt water interacts with the decomposition products of underwater living creatures, and everything is churned up together by powerful currents which cause the water to form bubbles.


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  1. AJW
    That is the suburb of Sea Point (in Cape Town as the article says). This happens in winter when the Atlantic gets churned up by North-Wester gales. High tide and an onshore wind does the rest.

    We don't get snow here, so this is our consolation prize!
  2. 14
    So not to be rude or anything but it looks like the ocean took a giant jizz on the coast there. And its also seems that the people in the pictures don't know that the cause for the foam is due to decomposing fish parts and the interaction with the salt.

    LOLZ they have dead fish ocean jizz on them.

    It is pretty though.
  3. greg
    Where I am from this phenomenon is called pollution.

    @1 I give my girlfriend a consolation prize too.
  4. incognito562
  5. bertha_2_2
    It needs a sprinkle of Chocolate on top... otherwise its really just a Latte.
  6. kampret
    nice info gan
  7. lolipop
    i thought it is snow..
  8. 2Cool4Ice
    So thats were i left my shamppo!!
  9. Mayur
    Whatever that is, it looks so tasty and yummy for me. Looks like chocolate or vanilla cream...sweet
  10. Tarzan
    i like it with choco...
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