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Uncanny Factoid: End of the World

Posted in Random » Uncanny factoid   20 Jan 2011   / 6833 views

Photos of the end of the world.This amazing photo was shot showing how the world would look with a total eclipse of the sun.


It isn’t often that people line up at the end of the world, Antarctica to take photos. In 2003 the Sun and the Moon converged over Antarctica and there were a handful of photographers on hand to capture this amazing eclipse.


The picture is a compilation of 4 separate shots digitally combined to show how the human eye views the eclipse. As you can see as the image was shot both the moon and sun peaked together over an arctic ridge. In the sudden darkness you can see the corona of the sun as it becomes visible around the moon.


The extra guy, equipment bag, and chair that are found in the snap are an accident. They just happened to be in the right spot at the right time and makes this photo even more surreal as the man seems to be a tiny speck on the icy floor.


Learn Something Fun:  The shadow of an eclipse travels at 1,100 miles per hour at the equator and up to 5,000 miles per hour near the poles.

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