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Daily Stare: Oddly Fun (17 pics)

Posted in Picdumps   8 Feb 2011   / 5766 views

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We hope you enjoy this selection of images for a brisk Tuesday. We have everything from carnavals and festivals to wild sea creatures.


Uruguay Carnaval

A band makes its way down the crowded streets in costume and paint.

Surfing UK

It doesn’t matter what the weather is like anymore, die hard surfers will find a way to hit the waves and surf on. This surfer takes on a big wave.

Amazing Sea Life

This is the amazing water flea called Daphnia pulex and it is the first crustacean to have a blueprint made of chemicals that make up the genetic code. There are 31,000 genes packed into its dna. Humans have 23,000. Go figure!


With further study the scientists hope to have a better understanding of how organisms respond to environmental changes.

Blindman Drives Around Daytona

The car offers tons of gadgets and sensors to help give a blind driver a view of the road conditions. With all these gadgets a blind person will be able to drive as well as any seeing person.

Hong Kong Sunshine

Sun peeks through the pollution in Hong Kong, China. The pollution ranges from medium to high.

Snow Storm

A man clears snow in front of an ice sculpture in Sapporo, Japan during the 62nd Sapporo snow festival.

Dance That

Dancers perform during the half time show at the NFL Super Bowl.

Turf Wars

Alexandre Meneghini keeps up with the ongoing turf war in Acapulco, once a great place to visit as a tourist, but now a fierce area for turf wars between rival drug gangs.

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Nice pic! I form Uruguay!!
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