Genius NES Controller Mods (12 pics)



Whether you believe in recycling or not, these NES controller modifications will make you desperately long for one too. Some are cheesy, others are pure genius which begs the question, if you had an old NES controller laying around, what would you turn it into?


PC Card Reader

NES Wallet

MP3 player

NES mouse

PC card reader

Belt buckle with sound effects

iPod Shuffle mod

USB controller

Apple NES remote


iPhone/iPod dock


image description
  1. sharo
    doorbell ftw :D
  2. severe_009
    Didnt like any of them at all.
  3. lolzz
    I have four of those!
  4. hugh
    the one with the zippers really sucks
  5. incognito562
    memories :)
  6. Sneekyheart
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