Shocking Photos! (4 pics)

This is not Photoshop as you might have thought at first.


Children can swim with polar bears in Canada. The Polar Bear Habitat is a water zoo in northern Ontario that allows kids experiencing an outdoor swim with these beasts since 2004. Of course, humans and bears are in two different pools that are separated by a layer of bullet proof glass that is about 9-10 cm thick. Still it is a real shock for those people who see such a scene for the first time in their life.


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  1. HH
  2. DonDon
    i think only the fourth picture is real....the rest are fake !
  3. dd
    the glass between them makes them look fake. they are all real shots.
  4. Mr_K
    why would anybody make 3 fake pics and the 4th real? makes no sense, i think they all are real.
  5. Alkhoren
    i think so too but that's shocking and cool especially the first
  6. incognito562                    show commment
  7. frosch
    real? fake?

    just google "The Polar Bear Habitat"
  8. Peanut
    It would be an interesting experience. Hopefully, for the bears, too.
  9. Izifan
    Outstanding concept...
  10. Cat Man
    It would be cooler with sharks :D
  11. Jasmine
    well Ive been there...its my home town in Cochrane so I can assure you it IS real...
  12. Rach
    ok i just shit myself on behalf of the kids in the, 1st,2nd,3rd photo, omfg how scary would that be?? you have to give the wee boy something for just swimming away i'd been screaming an crying
  13. bellalorenck
    I live in Ontario, Canada and I've been to that place. The pics were taken in the Wading Pool.

    Polar Bear Habitat in Cochrane, Ontario, Canada (from their website):

    "Many of our visitors have told us that this area was one of the highlights of their experience at the Habitat. Staring into the eyes of an immense polar bear, while swimming only inches away from him, is to be remembered! You can do that, because our wading pool is separated from the bears' pool by five centimetres (approximately two inches), shatterproof glass, with good optical qualities. Photographs make it appear that the swimmer is actually in the water, with the bear."

    Look at picture #3 closely to see the glass separating the swimmer from the bears. A place worth visiting!


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