What You Can See in Walmart. Part 9 (78 pics)

If you thought Walmart was just famous for its super low prices, you thought wrong. The popular store is as well known for its colorful shoppers as it is for its affordable prices. The pictures below are just a tiny sample of the parade of characters that march through the supercenter daily. What will you see next in Walmart? Well, you just have to stay tuned.

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  1. PRN
  2. A1ex
    Bacon is the answer!
  3. hugh
    it's an easy way to be on internet
  4. Tarzan
    ewww.. have you looked at the nails of that girl??
  5. Alkhoren
    ... which girl ? Anyway some things are disgusting, like the man that browned his trousers ... does the people have no self esteem ? seriously some look funny but most are just gross and a shame to mankind
  6. incognito562
    disgracing america 1 walmart at a time -_-
  7. Styler
    Thank god I'm not a yank...
  8. Peanut
    Endlessly fascinating. Some of these people wouldn't be allowed in a Canadian Walmart. There are dress codes to follow. Have to wear something over your underwear.
  9. MMMM
    in my country i don't think you are allowed to be dressed like this..and btw..why are they so fat?
  10. eRic
    This makes me sad for the whole world.
  11. superba
    God's garden is large but many have jumped the fence!
  12. Z
    A society built on decadence and egocentrism is going to produce some weird people, but hey, you created this yourselves.
    Also typically American: fat people -> put them on little carts. What a backward country.
  13. qwed
    I dont want to live on the planet any more.
  14. Piloto loco
    Repeat after me: consumerism is good...consumerism is good...consumerism is good...
  15. jeanee
    is walkin around in ur undies/swimwear standard, not even gona get started on hygene...(just puked in my mouth)
  16. neo
    only in the home of the brave
  17. Sambone
    Maybe they can rig up automatic sterilization when they walk through the doors...
  18. Norm101
    #57 isn't a fail. Any time you have a hot girl wearing a bikini, it is a win!
  19. ganimede
    tell me it isn't real, plizzzz
  20. robin yates
    drugs must be one reason a person appears in public looking like a total cunt

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