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Uncanny Factoid: Book Surgeon (4 pics)

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If you have a book that needs repair, this isn’t the guy to call. He will take your books and create something totally new and unusual.


The surgeons name is Brian Dettmer, and he uses knives, tweezers, and surgical tools to create incredible works of art from old books.

He uses dictionaries and encyclopedias the most. Brian attended Colombia College where he spent most of his time painting, but once he began working in a signage store his vision increased.

He loves working with reference works, and believe it or not, he never inserts any new m aterial or moves the content of the book around. He just uses his tools to focus on the content inside the book he wants to show off. He cuts out the unwanted materials and stabilized what is left to create these amazing art pieces.

Learn Something Fun: One out of every eight letters you read is the letter ā€˜eā€™. Which makes the novel that Ernest Vincent wrote even more amazing., in 1939 an author named Ernest Vincent wrote a 50,000 word novel called Gadsby. The only thing unusual about the novel is that there is not a single letter ā€˜eā€™ in the whole thing.

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