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by tyhone

by Gregor from Holland

"I took this picture at the Portuguese Azores"


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  1. incognito562
  2. whatsername
    good job izi! :D
  3. blake honda
    i can't believe you're not as popular as thechive if not more. you post more galleries than them, you upload them faster, the amount of pictures that you upload on you daily picdump is twice more than their daily afternoon randomness and your site runs faster than thechive. when i try to open their links with a lot of tabs, it slows down. your site never does that. maybe it's because half of their pictures that are uploaded consist of half-naked girls. :P Izissmile, don't do that. You should be more popular because the quality and quantity of the content you uploaded to your site is better than thechive but sadly it's not. That's a shame...
  4. 4
    the first pic is ultra anime
  5. Mr.D.
    +1 blake honda,
  6. Norm101
    #68 Sigh....

    The gas in the bag is nitrogen. And it keeps the chips fresh. The percentage is very specific. Trust me, you want the gas in there. If not, the chips would suck.
    +1 blake honda
  8. tapuzina
    Great Pix
  9. blake honda
    i have two more things to add after my little rant. The Alexa Traffic Rank for Izismile is 4442 while theChive is at 2411. The average load time for Izismile is 1.169 seconds, faster than 62 percent of websites in the world. theChive's average load time is f@cking horrible. It's average load time is, get this, 9.582 seconds for each page. LOOOOL!!! 100 percent of sites are faster than theChive! In all seriousness, i think that number is not correct but still, this shows you how slow theChive's website is and that izismile doesn't deserve to be in theChive's shadow in terms of internet traffic.

    ps-found the stats on the Alexa website. :P
  10. Izifan
    I agree with blake honda... My name says how much I enjoy this site..

    Pic#1.... Personal experience makes me thank you for posting it...
  11. allah ak bbq
    # 4 is/was known as the Cosmic Muffin (featured in a book by Jimmy Buffett--whuk-ptuie...) it lives in Fort Lauderdale. Alas, it has seen much better days, as it is now in great disrepair.

    i could never understand why the builder (or subsequent owners) never added a deck to the top--you've got NO outside deck space.
  12. derpa
    #44 hahahaha
  13. Sigh
    #31: a better world? Taking technology back to the 1800s and bankrupting every nation on earth? That's BETTER?
  14. Smokey
    What is #29 doing?....my guess is WOW
  15. a
    #18 is a ripoff of a farside comic by Gary Larson
  16. Peanut
    Izismile rocks and that's a fact.
  17. shals only
    Good post
  18. Vic K.
    #4 is a Boeing 307 stratoliner fuselage. The first fully pressurized aircraft. I think only one complete aircraft is in exsistance. a lot of B-17 was based on this aircraft
  19. nesstee
    I need to know where was taken the 27picture
    please give source
  20. hjha
    i like my avatar
  21. pointofnoreturn
    @ nesstee #27 was taken somewhere in Hong Kong

    For me #1 is the most powerful emotion evoking photo of them all. As someone who has recently lost their 13 year old son, this photo brings both my wife and I to tears.
  22. kero
    nice collection
  23. 2Cool4Ice
    the last one sucked #104

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