Celebrity Yearbook Photos (41 pics)

Yearbook photos are cringe-worthy at best and these famous musicians were not spared the humiliation.


Adam Levine

Axl Rose

Beyonce Knowles

Bruce Springsteen


Debbie Harrya

Eddie Van Halen

Eddie Vedder



Gwen Stefani

Iggy Pop

James Hetfield

Janis Joplin

Jim Morrison

John Mayer

Johnny Cash

Katy Perry

Kid Rock

Kirk Hammett

Kurt Cobain


Marilyn Manson

Michael Stipe

Neil Young


Scott Weiland

Snoop Dogg

Steven Tyler

Tom Petty

Tommy Lee

Travis Barker

50 Cent

David Hasselhoff

Jennifer Hudson

Jennifer Lopez

Jessica Simpson

Lauren Hill

Mariah Carey

Paula Abdul

Pharrell Williams



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  1. IzaBela89
    Prince <----LOL---->Paula ABdul... damnnnn
  2. Grimmer
    Wow. I did not know that Prince had a nose job.

    Since Prince had a nose job, straightened his hair and bleached his skin in an attempt to look more "Anglo" literally obliterating his natural African look. He obviously doesn't like being black.
    Prince is a racist against himself.
  3. Zebra
    You do know who PRINCE is correct? Because you seem to be on the wrong page, sir. You seem to be talking about Micheal Jackson. Very much different. You know, Purple Rain?
  4. Tyler Durden
    :) Flea made me laugh...
  5. incognito562
    damn fergie was actually cute..
  6. 3
    LOL @ Pharell
  7. Izifan
    My goodness!!..They all started out as real people..Whoda thunkit??...
  8. Oksana
    Prince?! I could never guess him even if my life depended upon that! And Mariah Carey looks too old to be a student.
  9. Alicia
    I though snoop dog was michael jordan
  10. ñlkzdh ckasj dhjkas dhkjasdh
    #29 used to be a gay clown?
  11. pin
    Snoop Dogg looks like Nat King Cole or Micheal Jordan.
  12. Keishiro
    soda being puoerd into a cup, it will be the dumbest thing in the world.Yes, worse than the cowbells.Okay maybe not worse than the cowbells. It'd be close, though.
  13. Udin
    casey / hey so i know this cnetost is over but i was wondering if i could still get some stickers for around town and my gear?
  14. Rob
    I Love Chanel Iman! Patiently antwaiig my Flare Issue so I can read the cover story. You look gorg mama!!!!
  15. Elaine
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