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Would You Buy It for 9,500 Pounds?? (5 pics)

Posted in Pictures   8 Mar 2011   / 8854 views

This beach shanty may be Britain’s most expensive shed. It is located in Worthing, West Sussex and has no view of the sea, is missing an entire section of wall and has nor doors. The asking price for this crumbling and derelict beach shed is £9,500. It is as good as a pile of firewood then a holiday home…


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Comments (4):

that is the same reason Detroit Mi is falling apart instead of selling it at a lower price so someone can do something with it they ask to much and the spot will look like shit for years. so sad.
Jayzen Freeze!
Izifan 5 year s ago MARK AS SPAM
Location, location, location...

It is not uncommon for a piece of land to sell high and a piece of crap building torn down and replaced..

I've seen many California homes sold for over a million $ and torn down for new construction..

If the price is only for the building and not the land, my point is invalid tho...lol
Event 5 year s ago MARK AS SPAM
In California I can understand but Britain seaside doesn't look so attractive to me. :p
Actually you couldn't be more wrong about why Detroit is dying Jayzen Freeze. What you said they should do they have been doing for years with a program called the nuisance abatement program with any abandoned house in the city proper. But the reason why Detroit has been dying for decades is in part due to the decline of the manufacturing base that was a big part of the area. Another reason is that the city has never recovered from the riots that took place in the 60's there. Add to these reasons rampant corruption in city government and a large portion of the populace that has little or no morals and even less compulsion to work and you get the decline of a once great metropolis that you see there today.

As experienced by an ex Detroiter.