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Some Shaky Treehouses (21 pics)

Posted in Pictures   9 Mar 2011   / 14733 views

These are 10 of the least safe treehouses in the world. Most of them don’t look as though they can support themselves from the dizzying heights where they are located. It must take some brave souls to live in them.


Cedar Creek Treehouse, Ashford, Washington

Treehouses of Korowai and Kombai, West Papua

Green Magic Treehouse, Vythiri, Kerala, India

The Gibbon Experience Treehouses, Bokeo, Laos

Rooftop Treehouse, Amsterdam, Netherlands

Takasugi-an Tea House, Chino, Japan

Beach Rock Treehouse, Okinawa, Japana

Inkaterra Canopy Tree House, Tambopata, Perua

DIY Treehouse of Yesteryear, Location Unknown

Nameless Treehouse, Location Unknown

Credits: brainz.org

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