The Night the Lights Went Out (72 pics)



The lights went out in cities all over the world, from 8:30PM to 9:30PM in honor of Earth Hour. Some cities turned off more lights than others but the number of cities that did participate is amazing.


Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates

Jakarta, Indonesia

Sydney Harbour, Australia

Rio De Janeiro, Brazil


London, England

Instanbul, Turkey

Edinburgh, Scotland

Frankfurt, Germany

Johannesburg, South Africa

Trondheim, Norway

Floibanen, Norway

Hong Kong, China

Bandar Seri Begawan, Brunei


Budapest, Hungary

Paris, France

Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Taipei, Taiwan

Athens, Greece

Beijing, China

Almaty, Kazakhstan

Montreal, Canada

Chicago, USA

Ottawa, Canada

New York City, USA

Landschaftspark, Germany

Tbilisi, Georgia

Nanning, China

Mexico City, Mexico

Seoul, South Korea

New Delhi, India

Minsk, Belarus

Moscow, Russia

Stockholm, Sweden

Las Vegas, Nevada

Rome, Italy

Hefei, China

Buenoes Aires, Argentina

Seattle, USA

Oslo, Norway


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    you light up my life ...
  2. Sizomu
    These things make me sad, people continue to fool themselves that this will change anything. Its nice to witness but there is no environmental gain from it. after it, more people bought duo-Graphics cards and even more power hungry devices. we will now think for the coming few months that everything is oké now. until some says "lets dance for Aids" and we fools ourselves once again.
  3. Izi_Eos
    lol, changes nothing
  4. Fenrisulven
    #25 #26 Heia Trondheim! The place I'm currently living in, Got many night shots of this building. It's called Rockheim, and is the national museum for rock and pop music. I've made a 360 photo from this location:
  5. derpa
    pointless media bs
  6. Anna Molly
    This is nothing else but symbolism, guys... Thinking that this will save the planet is stupid, and thinking that people think that this will save the planet is dumb as well.
    Anyway, I'm quite scared to see that the sky is still orange, or even more orange when the lights are off. I'm glad to live in the country and know what stars look like.
  7. black_tiger
    and they said china & USA are refusing to sign for reduction of environment harmful gases? BS.They already doing their bes tin this issue.
  8. Tomboy
    BUT...............where is Pakistan.??????????????

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