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  1. a
  2. Darwin
    Sadly some of these people will breed.
  3. datmeenjeniet
    Great man. All power to them!
  4. nutsville
    scariness through chemistry
    wild and crazy stuff - did a Facebook thing; with this post

  6. Misiek
  7. rexy
    very wrong.......
  8. Brumle
    Spooky.... I could have been fooled by #2
  9. Mercutio
    My bet is that the ones spooked by this are the very ones who would be attracted to them.

    Congrats to these women (because they are) for being themselves.
  10. Shade
    What's so sick about this? Seriously people, if transgendered people can get help that's awesome. I know one who really suffered before she got help. Identity crisis like that must be hell.
  11. Athena
    Nothing wrong with this, don't hate until you know what it's like for these people to feel a stranger in your own body since day 1. Sometimes nature messes up. It's great that these people can be helped nowadays and finally feel happy about who they are.
  12. Fenrisulven
    #4 From He-man to She-man?? o.O

    All of there go from boyish -> gayish -> girlish
  13. ninamil12
    Finding love can be tough enough but finding a mate that's we'althy can even be harder.
    -- B lackW hiteC upid * CO M --is meant to be the pla'ce to connect with beautiful and excellent people. Check it out and fli'rt with those nice, hands'ome or beau'tiful! lov'e means more ! :)
  14. dj
    God bless them.....I hope they find happiness. And to all you haters, I can only hope that you come to some life experience that will expand your limited perspective.
  15. nobody
    ok....what can we do now in a situation?
    you meet a pretty girl in a bar or library or anywhere, you talk with her and then you go on a date with her and the girl behaves normal , you think " i'm a lucky man to find a girl like she oh my god, later you escort to her home,is a romantic night seems to like both then you kiss, you think " finaly i to find real love" and she/he says "before i was a man".....
  16. lolzz
    owh noo's.. That mean I.. F*#$
  17. ronron
    I love all the transgender post here.
  18. mm
    Nature can be a bitch. Man's body, but woman's brain. Must be tough. My imagination hopped it's own tracks and here's the result: Imagine if your country elected a madman, who was as charismatic as Hitler, but instead of genocide, he would want to change everybody into a woman. He would brainwash his own government so that in secret, HRT would be added in tap water. Normal people wouldn't know a thing, but slowly football and ice hockey would become less and less popular and foreigners would start to feel themselves a bit uncomfortable among all gossipping, giggling men reading cosmopolitan.
  19. joilson
    they don't know what they do.
  20. Not "normal"
    While it's nice that they've found happiness, it's sad that they were so mentally tortured in their natural bodies that they'd go to such measures to change themselves and fool the world.
    What if someone really believed they were an animal trapped in a human's body and began a process to change themselves into a lizard or a lion. I can find an example of each online - why are those people freaks and these people looked upon with pity and anyone who sees them as sad, quickly labeled as a hater or cold-hearted?
    I see this as just another body-dismorphia disorder, like those addicted to plastic surgery and battling anorexia or something similar. None of these should be encouraged or celebrated.
  21. kero                    show commment
  22. severe_009
    I cant believe #4
  23. Cizz
    "Nature can be a bitch. Man's body, but woman's brain."

    AHAHAHAHAHA! There is no such thing as female and male brain you sick fuck.
  24. Peanut
    Watch it, fellas. You won't know what you're getting 'til you unwrap the package.
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  26. ell0
    Happy that are who they really are. Comfortable and found true joy at last.
  27. Marianne
    #2 is an amazing transformation and he is better as a girl, so pretty! but above all, she is happy now in her own skin and stopped selfhate with drugs, alcohol, overeating etc
    cool post
  28. jessica
    Hello Der-shing Helmer, and thanks for the great read!On your point I must fcnoess, that some mediocre web comics can be bearable because they update often and on time (say, *cough* Wayward Sons). But when YOU are actually capable of this kind of quality, you should rather worry about keeping that standard and really not about quantity at all.Anyway, I don't think you can shut up all the spoiled children and anonymous a-holes out there on the internets by way of responding to theme280a6 Even if you told off all of those reading now, later other idiots will join (bet on it) who won't have read this thread.The only long time solution is to stop wasting emotional energy, period. You are so very good at your own thing, and you should focus on that. Best of health going forward and cheers :-)
  29. Amnu
    Great new site. Looks very professional Karen. Good work. Got the olggoe alert on it too. Might want to stick up some videos from the last Cutting Room show and promote the Nov. 23rd show for people coming into the city over Thanksgiving. Especially since he's performed in that venue before. Just a thought. Keep up the good work. I'm enjoying it. : )
  30. Amazing
    Did your Doc say that there is no going back.......!

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