How Children's Brains Soak in Shocking News Stories (12 pics)

All these pictures of kids might seem innocent at the first glance. But if you study them for a little longer you’ll start to wonder how modern media can influence and stuck in children’s brains.


Photographer Jonathan Hobin spent 4 years working on this project titled In the Playroom. He wanted to show adults that our kids cannot escape shocking news stories nowadays as such events incalculably influence our society and even change it.

These 12 images were exhibited in Canada getting massive explosure and being highlighted in various media around the world later on. Each photo will remind you of a scandalous event that took place in our lives.


The Twins

Dear Leader

A Boo Grave

Diana's Dead

White Nights

Vegas Wedding

American Idol

Boxing Day

Spring Break

39 Lashes

The Saints

Seal Heart


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  1. anon@ym.os
    fake.. this has absolutly nothing to do with how childrens play, it's the sick dream of a photographer
  2. cya
  3. glakus
    Yeah, because kids obviously have all these toys and are able to put on make up professionally. I agree, sick dream of a photographer. It's one thing to see the news media, it's another to subject the kids to the reality of it.
  4. The Shockwave
    Weird how these kids all have really good props in order to make political statements. They all are obviously from rich parents.
  5. LS
    I hate everything that involved children against their nature. This photographer is sick.
  6. Major Pain
    Those kids weren't even born when half that stuff happened. Jim Jones...really?
  7. NemmyK
    @Major Pain

    I knew about Jim Jones when I was a kid and I wasn't alive then either. Pop culture references on television and ish brought it up and I looked it up out of curiosity.

    And it looks like everyone is really missing the point of these pictures.
  8. lolzz
  9. Panna
    I really liked these shots! How most of the kids are looking into the camera, the lights, all the small and bigger details, the lightning..!

    I also like that the surroundings are mostly made from toys and kids' eqipment. They are a bit absurd, but I guess that's the point :) And I doubt these kids where models against their will... :)
  10. hajaha
    Does this guy do the dogs playing poker?
  11. mayflower
    so sad children got to play in this way nowadays...
  12. Enter your name
    rahh bruv you guys chat no sense.. u think this is messed up u shud see the girl my dads pulled.....
  13. Alicia
    What a beautiful photo. They look like you cautrped them in the middle of telling secrets. I also love your blog header. I don't recognize your site as one I have traveled to in the past, but I definitely will be back!
  14. Adee
    Et hier soir avec un ami ,moment de retrouvailles.4 suejts importants ont e9te9 pose9 d'entre9e,pour un espace d'e9change 2.COM.2 de 1h30.On n'a perdu notre temps, je dirais meame qu'on en a gagne9 !!Lionel
  15. Felissia
    Andrea - Awwww, sis this makes me be all missing you and stuff. You were way fun to hang with.As far as putitng a big pic in your house, I like all of them but I'll vote for Country Roads. Actually, I kinda think the best pic to blow up to wall mural size would be Intercourse Pretzel Factory. That's just funny. Awesome pics. You are amazing! xoxo

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