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35 Years to Build a Toothpick Sculpture (25 pics)

Posted in Arts » Beautiful 26 Apr 2011   / 9918 views

Scott Weaver used 100,000 toothpicks, 35 years, and 3,000 hours to build this incredible toothpick sculpture titled Rolling through the Bay. It is an amazing sculpture of San Francisco.


35 Years to Build a Toothpick Sculpture

Uncanny Factoid: Brainiac!

Posted in Random » Uncanny factoid 26 Apr 2011   / 7313 views

I guess when your a gang banger that you leave your brains at home!


Uncanny Factoid: Brainiac!

The Ugliest Couches of 2010 (28 pics)

Posted in Random » Weird 26 Apr 2011   / 6468 views

The Ugliest Couch in the World is an online contest that takes place from January through the end of November. The winners are chosen by online voting and showcased on the contest’s webside. Inside this post you can see the worse couches of 2010.


The Ugliest Couches of 2010

Impassable Roads and Areas in Russia (33 pics)

Posted in Funny » Fail 26 Apr 2011   / 7201 views

Russia isn’t exactly known for its mild climate. The weather certainly helped create these impassible situations. These folks are really stuck.


Impassable Roads and Areas in Russia

New Fashion for Men (4 pics)

Posted in Lifestyle » Fashion 26 Apr 2011   / 7820 views

I like his shoes :D

We thank a lot Domagoj Kralj for sending us the link to these photos.


New Fashion for Men

Prank Your Roommate (9 pics)

Posted in Funny » Humor 26 Apr 2011   / 9804 views

This is a hilarious prank that you can play on your roommate. It involves the use of tinfoil. Although your roommate won’t be too happy when he sees hisher room you’ll get a good laugh out of it.


Prank Your Roommate

The Best Car Tuning Evah! (2 pics)

Posted in Lifestyle » Cars 26 Apr 2011   / 14334 views

When you have a desire, but don’t have money, use your imagination.


The Best Car Tuning Evah!

Charted Sex (27 pics)

Posted in Random » Awesome 26 Apr 2011   / 9072 views

These are some charts that explain some of the aspects about dating and sex. They reveal some very interesting and I am sure some very little known facts. The charts compare and contrast every possible aspect about dating and sex.


Charted Sex

6 Games of the day

Posted in Games of the day 26 Apr 2011   / 1475 views

Everyday we put 4 - 6 new games on Izismile.com.
But if it isn't enough for you, you can go and check out our game archive, we have more than 3000 games in there.
War Of The WordsAngry Alien
Insect OnslaughtBunny Bunny Boom
ThermoboxLight Hunter

Light Hunter

Posted in Games » Platform 26 Apr 2011   / 1870 views


Posted in Games » Physics 26 Apr 2011   / 2130 views

Bunny Bunny Boom

Posted in Games » Puzzles & Skills 26 Apr 2011   / 1951 views

Insect Onslaught

Posted in Games » Shooting 26 Apr 2011   / 2169 views

Angry Alien

Posted in Games » Physics 26 Apr 2011   / 2374 views

War Of The Words

Posted in Games » Puzzles & Skills 26 Apr 2011   / 2250 views

Prince William and Kate Middleton (1 pic)

Posted by FaizanButt in Blogs 25 Apr 2011   / 1583 views

Prince William and Kate

Prince William and Kate Middleton

Your Attention Please!

Posted in Random » POTD 25 Apr 2011   / 3946 views

Hello Izismilers!
Happy belated Easter to all who’s been celebrating it and who still do We decided to have a short working day and take ourselves a little vacation. But tomorrow we will be back here as good as new. Meanwhile, don’t forget to check our Saturday Edition!
Have a good day everybody!

Your Attention Please!

Pokemon in Real Life [VIDEO]

Posted in Videos » Geek 25 Apr 2011   / 8730 views

Video Archive Download video: .flv or .mp4

Bodacious Boarding Pass (6 pics)

Posted in Funny » Humor 25 Apr 2011   / 15869 views

Apparently this guy in Alaska accidentally printed this huge boarding pass on his printer for posters. Rather than throw it away, he used it to board his flight. It seems to have worked.


Bodacious Boarding Pass

Wanna Tweet? No Problem (4 pics)

Posted in Random » Awesome 25 Apr 2011   / 5734 views

The Tweeting social network website has become so popular that there is now a place to sit while you are Tweeting. It is known as a Tweetingseat.  It may sound crazy, but have a look and you will see that it’s real.


Wanna Tweet? No Problem

Geek Wedding Proposal - Borderlands Style [2 VIDEOS]

Posted in Videos » Geek 25 Apr 2011   / 5984 views

This is about a girl and a guy, both super fan of the game.

The guy, Ben, decided to propose his girlfriend and to do so, he asked the studio that created Borderlands if they could give him a hand. Here is the result.


A Cave Hotel (20 pics)

Posted in Lifestyle » Travel 25 Apr 2011   / 7502 views

Cappadocia Hotel is a 19th century Greek mansion that has six cave houses and thirty rooms that date as far back as the 5th and 6th century. It is carved into the Yunak Evleri mountain cliff. The Cappadocia Hotel is very luxurious and has incredible rocky terrain, cavernous churches, and elaborate underground cities.


A Cave Hotel

Geeky Easter Eggs (15 pics)

Posted in Funny » Humor 25 Apr 2011   / 11294 views

These are some Easter eggs for nerds and geeks. They represent all that geeks stand for. Still they are rather clever, creative, interesting, and most of all, funny.


Futurama Eggs

Geeky Easter Eggs
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