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  1. daveweiser
    lol im going to live there soon
  2. LS
    No. #2 is really creepy.
  3. Mr. Ree
    I read an interesting quote recently that is accurate...

    Where there's violence, there's niggers.
    Where there's niggers, there's violence.
  4. d
    ^^^love it!!
  5. Sizomu
    (not taking offence) but how does that sound accurate? according to western history the "white" man has wedge more wars, destroying all in its wake. BTW those weapons aren't Made in Niggaland.... ya, i have time to type this......
  6. bohoho
    4 types of people in this world. The black, The white, The chink, and The muslim. acceptable?
  7. rob12
    Me thinks that`s pictures of detroit.

    And yes, those weapons arn`t made in niggaland. Niggaland only produces sticks, stones and clubs.
  8. lolzz
    No your picture is chernobyl!
  9. random avatar
    the dude in the wedding dress is creepy.by the way they only do this because the great white man invaded them ans started making colony's in their countrys.then they left,gave them weapons to keep them busy while the corporations rob their land of oil,gold and diamants.poor fuckers are helpless.they never make it past 35 years
  10. datmeenjeniet
    Most of this violence is bred by our western greed for diamonds and other stuff. Leaving all these people poor as shit. Selling them weapons to fulfill our greed again.
  11. t
    stfu not not the whole of africa looks like that!
  12. ella
    Where there is rednecks there is ignorance where there is ignorance there are rednecks.
  13. la el
    Blaming the current state of africa on weapons trade or the white man is such a lie. Sure, the whiteys have done a lot of bad stuff there but only the choice of weapon has changed since ancient times. Go ahead and read some history - the continent has been a gigantic bloodbath for thousands of years. The tribes have never really been of social-democratic or turn-the-other-cheek -type.
  14. Nezumi
    As someone who has lived in Africa my whole life,I take solace in knowing that most of the people who commented here wouldn't know whether Africa is a continent or a country or where to find it on a map without google(hint: it's not near Mexico or Canada).

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