Creative Kitchen Gadget and Tools (33 pics)

Once you take a look at this collection of bizarre and sometimes useful kitchen gadgets you will realize that the human imagination has no limit. The S’mores cooker is by far my favorite, and the automatic potato peeler is downright lazy, but the Wave Box, or portable microwave is pretty special.


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  1. Alkhoren
    Interesting i wish i had some, but well, i don't need them.
  2. gigantes
    99% of it unnecessary crap to clutter up your kitchen.
  3. Tarzan
    most of them are good..
  4. lolzz
    I have the iron soap on #9, to remove union smell from your hands!
  5. ultimatechoppa
    The #9 choppy thingy = useless
  6. chrisbumble
    #8 is useful.
  7. Massimo
    I would like to know more iamirfntoon about your blog as I do knit myself and I have done my own knits and have taken pictures of them and have tried to in some way unsucessfully put them to show in knitting magazines to sell to them. I am from Lithuania and I have knitted many different things thruout the coarse of the year and am interested in getting to know things about knitting here in America and I would like to know how you would go about doing all of this. Many Thanks Nicole Hunter

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