A Unique Toothbrush (8 pics)

Leen Sadder, a graduate student, reinvented this very unique toothbrush. Essentially, it is a Miswak which has fibers that are much softer than the bristles on a normal toothbrush.  This stick has been used in the Saharan desert for thousands of years and has a natural source of fluoride.



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  1. valekas
    if it is natural so how they are so similar in package?
  2. The Shockwave
    Probably Photoshop since when they made the photo they only had one prototype package image.
  3. bitch
    how do you brush the back teeth?
  4. maxfcb
    You have to find some curvy stick
  5. godblastamerica
    this is a siwak or miswak, used by arab people and later by muslims to brush their teeth long before the west knew about personal hygiene... I KNOW YOU HATE ME I COULDN4T HELP IT :)))
  6. wow
    The life is like that, great for the guy, not surprise for me thinking about godblastamerica, said, some candies or so that are the amazing new to us are some arab candies of their old culture
  7. K
    Because of this fancy packaging, that piece stick will be sold ten times the normal price of a regular toothbrush.
  8. godblastamerica
    in fact these sticks are so cheap they're sold by kilos, wrapping is just a reason to sell them expensively ...
    one more thing: i like america and i like americans, they are dumb but perseverant :) if only they were ruled by wiser men america will trully be a paradise and a shining sun for the whole world.... :p
  9. lolzz
    Agree godblastamerica,
  10. Tarzan
    we are using this for ages.. and now they say they have found it..
    Google 'Daatun' for a change..
  11. rawi
    miswak is gooooood
  12. MB2
    finaly they know about it .... LOL
  13. black_tiger
    the main point that is it portable, no need for a bathroom , water, after every meal.
    as I can see, the one shown in the pics is old not fresh but still ok.
    there is 2 kind of tree that can be used as miswak (usually).
  14. chrisbumble
    will not buy it.

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