Proof That Gay Soccer Players do Exist (10 pics + 1 gif)

While European men tend to be a bit more flamboyant and unafraid to wear tight clothing, that is no excuse for making us think they are gay. However, these photos might suggest otherwise; because out of thousands of professional footballers there have to be at least some gay dudes.


Fernando Alonso and Steven Gerrard

Zlatan Ibrahimovic and Gerard Pique

David Beckham and Owen Hargreaves

Wayne Rooney and Cristiano Ronaldo

Rio Ferdinand

Gary Neville and Paul Scholes

Carlos Tevez and Rio Ferdinand

David Beckham and Luis Figo

Ruud van Nistelrooy and Darren Fletcher

Thierry Henry

Cristiano Ronaldo


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  1. Enter your name
    you suck and thats sad
  2. haha
    ronaldo XD
  3. UT
    all of those have wives or gf. The only picture that is wired is the second one ... all of the other is just photos taken at the right time with good angels. Though Ronaldo has some wired pictures.
  4. lolzz
    they are all gay!! They shower together!!
  5. kg
    On the first picture the guys name is Xabi Alonso
  6. kero
    Lol ronld
  7. Vundo
    in the first pic, the guy (Gerard Pique) pushing the other guy (Zlatan) against the car is about to kick his ass and is also dating Shakira. All the other guys are sleeping with each others wives and underage prostitutes. But I guess they could be gay. Shakira would be a good cover.
  8. mel j
    Has anyone else heard about salomon kalou being bisexual? He is my favorite footballer and I am sad to hear this rumor. Can someone clear this rumor up for me.
  9. chrisbumble
    the true religion.
  10. Enter your name
    Thierry Henry looks like a gay. What do you expect?
  11. Sean Scott
    All of the soccer players I have had gay sex with have all said they're straight... thank goodness! I'd hate to have gay sex with a gay soccer player! ;o)
  12. Figure
    all of that have proofs
  13. write.zilla
    Who freakin' cares if they are gay? Gay and rich and sexy as fuck. People are just jealous. And all of those guys have wives...

    It's called affection, you silly willies

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