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  1. Cheap oem software
    Cw8nYr I must admit, the webmaster is a cool guy..!
  2. Savannah
    Put some clothes on but I would live to tap that even though umma girl lol
  3. Srikanth
    Seconded. I was etaisctc when he left last time. To me he serves the same purpose that Jar Jar Binks did (i.e. the story would be better without him). It's not too often it happens, but the authors have actually managed to come up with someone I genuinely wish harm upon.My excitement for GA has just been severely dampened, and I'm sorry to see it happen, since for some time now, it's been at or near the top of my list of favourite webcomics. Fair Warning to the Authors: If this turns into the Payet Best show I can't guarantee how much longer Guilded Age will hold my attention . . .

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