Masters of Disguise. Part 3 (14 pics)



Wildlife photographer Alex Hyde uses his years of scientific training in biology photograph camouflaged creatures. He is trying to provide insight to people about the problems animals have that have to depend on camouflage to survive.


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The leaf-tailed gecko on the tree


A long-spinnered bark spider camouflaged on tree bark


A terrestrial frog camouflaged amongst leaf litter


The leaf-tailed gecko perfectly mimics the tree bark on which it hides


A platypelis grandis frog juvenile camouflaged against moss


A stump-tailed chameleon camouflaged amongst leaf litter on rainforest floor


A common blenny camouflaged in a rockpool


Malaysian Orchid Mantis camouflaged on an orchid


A lined leaf-tailed gecko camouflaged amongst dead palm


A brown mantella frog camouflaged in leaf litter


A sea scorpion camouflaged in a rockpool


A lined leaf-tailed gecko camouflaged amongst dead palm


A violin mantis female showing excellent camouflage amongst dead leaves


A peppered moth camouflaged on birch tree bark


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