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  1. skydancer
    Thing is, those dictators used money belonging to the citizens of their country to build their palaces. Then the citizens destroy it when they're overthrown. Interesting.
  2. some guy
    Because its a symbolic thing, skydancer. It isnt about the money or labor spent on the palace. It MUST be destroyed once a dictator is gone.And whats the alternative? Leave it standing? The lure of power is too strong for most men...
  3. gigantes
    judging by the decor, it's remarkable how much these dictators put their egos, insecurity and lack of imagination on display.

    by the end, it's all one big palace.
  4. ptpie
    too greedy gets you in the end eh?
  5. viper
    the one with the Lamborghini painting is as stupid as the people lived there
  6. Peanut
    They had lots of stolen money, but no taste.
  7. patrice
    why not use it 2 house people split it up into rooms im sure a family can live in just one of the bedrooms its got to be a upgrade anyone even having to share with everyone build it back up and out give the people back they paid for it one way or another sad 2 have them loose twice its horrible the cost lost how many millions of dollars i hate 2 see waste

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