Good Things to Eat for Breakfast (50 pics)

Many people consider breakfast their favorite meal of the day. This is especially true if they have a great breakfast to eat. These are some of the most delicious and scrumptious looking breakfasts that you have ever seen.


English Breakfast

Breakfast in Iran

A Cuban wake up meal

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Quick Spanish breakfast

A yummy Moroccan breakfast

A healthy Hawaiian breakfast

Swedish breakfast

Icelandic breakfast cuisine

Breakfast in Portugal

Breakfast in Australia

A Brazilian breakfast

An Italian breakfast

A Welsh breakfast

Breakfast in Denmark

A Philippines breakfast

An Alaskan breakfast

A traditional German breakfast

The famous American breakfast

The French breakfast

Breakfast in India

A hearty Scottish breakfast

Thailand’s breakfast offering

An Argentinian breakfast

An Irish breakfast

A Canadian breakfast

Breakfast in Mexico

A Russian breakfast

Breakfast in Vietnam

Breakfast in Peru

Breakfast in Bolivia

An Egyptian breakfast

Breakfast in Japan

Breakfast in China

Malaysian breakfast

Breakfast in Mongolia

Breakfast in Belize

A Hungarian breakfast

A Korean breakfast

Breakfast in Pakistan

An Estonian breakfast

Breakfast in Jordan

Breakfast in Venezuela

Breakfast in Colombia

Breakfast in Ghana

Breakfast in Uganda

A Bahamas breakfast

Breakfast in Costa Rica

Breakfast in the Dominican Republic

A Turkish breakfast


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  1. frosch
    English still THE Best !!
  2. Enter your name
    Today I had An Italian breakfast
  3. ZeroDegre
    I'm french, they forgot slice of bread + jam and cofee :)

    But lot of them sounds great and consistant! (Have to try the American one one day)
  4. koloakoca
    Co za bzdura !! Polskie śniadanie z plackami ziemniaczanymi :>
  5. Enter your name
    I salata??!!! Ale chociaz jajeczniczka na kielbasce jest:)
  6. Enter your name
    the malaysian one is not quite correct. real malaysian don't normally eat that noodle in the morning,it's more of a dry noodle.the one depicted here is more of a dinner thingy. If it's rice, then the rice is cooked with coconut milk to give off a creamy flavour and not to forget spicy gravy.
  7. Enteryourname
    Swedes never have pancakes for breakfast. Ours is more like the danish one usually.
  8. Enter your name
    Bollocks! We use to have regular continental in Poland. It is impossible to digest the stuff shown on the picture.
  9. Enter your name
    My family in Poland gave me bread in the morning :) really reaaalllyyy nice bread
    And where is the Dutch? Bread with cheese lol
  10. Enter your name
    #4 potato pancakes in the morning? is't dinner course in poland ;p
  11. Mai Phuong
    Excuse me guy. Pls check this out. The traditional breakfast for Vietnamese is called " Pho". This link is an image about it
  12. Ignis
    The german one isn`t accurate either. Our Breakfast is pretty much the danish one, except for different bread rolls (ours are really crunchy). Well I mean three kinds of sausages and pumpernickel without Butter, that`s more of a stereotype than a brekki;-)
  13. sentellooo
    best one is from turkey, but they for got the sesam rings :)
  14. L_A_L_I_90
    #30 they must be filthy rich to have that breakfast everyday
  15. gigantes
    exactly- a big ceviche meal like that is much more of a lunch thing than a breakfast thing. for the middle class and the rich, too.
  16. kleker
    The german one is more like the danish breakfast, but with a additional selection of Jelly.
  17. assman
    Look so much better than dinner :D
  18. Muffincups
    hmm....this is all maybe what you get in a nice restaurant, but definitely not typical for day to day
  19. Richey4Real
    Being English I can confirm that's a decent looking full English on the plate in #1. Just get rid of the cup of hot chocolate and replace it with a mug of hot tea and totally bin the orange juice and your spot on, oh and add some fried bread and toast;).
  20. lolzz
    Looks very unhealthy! We just eat bread in Holland..
  21. Enter your name
    iam polish.... i don't eat all thist things on the morning, only a piec of bread with jam or ham
    <<== just coffee
  23. Enter your name
    Bulgarian is the same as Turkish
  24. Enter your name
    #38 is not the traditional Hungarian breakfast. I dont even know what is on the picture.
  25. from 21
    in Turkey and Bulgaria .. normally this type of breakfast is served in the hotels

    Some people here eat in the morning soup with in-gradients :
    milk, garlic, hot chili peppers, stomach offal, oil and drink 1-2 liters beer with that :)

  26. ptpie
    wow different
  27. Fats-T
    Bolivian Salteñas are more of a mid-morning snack than breakfast. Breakfast is usually Tea, coffee, fresh bread, and maybe fruit. regardless though, they kick ass!
  28. Christina
    The Korean breakfast represented there is BiBimBop, mostly eaten as lunch or dinner. While Koreans don't particularly have a distinction between breakfast, lunch, and dinner, we don't eat such heavy meals for breakfast.
  29. mac
    arepa is the breackfast in venezuela, not pastelitos!!!
  30. zjiano
    i am a Chinese,but i never had that "breakfast in china",and i had never seen people had that breakfast wherever i was!
  31. John
    Indian breakfast is way off. See pics of what south indians really eat here.
  32. Raghav
    Wow! you are absolutely correct. I hoped someone would say this!
  33. Raghav
    I am saying this just to brag. You could come up with at least a dozen variety of breakfast from India alone!
  34. Enter your name
    If you're putting croissants in the portuguese breakfast, you have to put the "pastel de nata" custard pie. It's almost a crime leaving it out.
  35. a2e
    Racial profiling...
  36. Felipe
    The Brazilian one is quite right, but Brazil is very, very big and different regions have different versions. The traditional popular breakfast is a little simple with just bread, butter, and coffee (black or with milk).
    Children can have Chocolate on their milk.
    Ham is for the rich people and cheese is almost alway very white and light.
  37. Eugenia
    In Greece we traditionally ate "trahanas" for breakfast. It's a wheat-based soup, similar in looks to the Icelandic breakfast above. Unfortunately, these days most Greeks don't eat breakfast at all, they just drink coffee. Kids are lucky if they get some milk too.
  38. Jimmy
    without Israeli "Breakfast"...? WTF
  39. Ladainian
    Glad I've fiallny found something I agree with!
  40. Peanut
    I don't know one Canadian who would eat all that food for breakfast. More apt to run into Tim Horton's and grab coffee/tea and a breakfast bun or doughnut. Or juice and cereal at home.
  41. duchenne
    No Dutch breakfast? :O

    Oh well, it's just 2 slices of bread with cheese, meat or jelly and coffee..
  42. ikoy

    Indonesian breakfast
  43. Stellie
    Usually Americans just eat cereal...
  44. alapluie
    très bonnes informations.

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