Top Reasons to Never Snap Photos With an iPad (21 pics)

While the iPad might be the coolest gadget since the iPhone, try to avoid using the built in camera during the following situations. After all, you are trying to look cool, right?


Because you're at a wedding

Because you're at a music festival

Because you're rioting

Because you're trying to look sexy

Because you're at football practice

Because you're also trying to look sexy

Because you're on the beach

Because you're at a rave

Because you're at the Humane Society/you have a sweet Mullet-Hawk

Because you're at a metal show

Because you're in the African desert

Because you're watching a beautiful sunset

Because you're at the Disneyland fireworks

Because you're watching the last Space Shuttle take off

Because everybody else is using them

Because you're 13

Because you're in the front row

Because you're at a parade without a shirt

Because you're at graduation

Because you're watching a powerpoint

Because you're Spike Lee and meeting President Obama


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  1. ipadisforlosers
    hahh,,, the whole iPad is just a BAD idea... only sells for stupid americans and wannabe stupid americans..
  2. ptpie                    show commment
  3. Enter your name
    iPad is for the folks that can't afford a Starbucks paper mug.
  4. orendadude
    Sorry Izi staff but overall you guys are having a not so good day.
  5. Enter your name
    keep calm and chive on
  6. Taco25
    #17 is definitely not an iPad.
  7. Tarzan
    dont own one and dont want to..
  8. Enter your name
    taking a photo with an iPad looks kind of like taking a photo with a potato - you're holding something that is completly not appropriate for that, looking like a peasant or wild bushman from a jungle
  9. gnihtyreve
    iPADer don't give a fuck about others
  10. Belin
    LOL !!!Enter your name,
  11. lolzz
    F*ck Ipad.. I bought a Galaxy Tab 10.1, Android baby!
  12. oddbal
    Ipad, cause you wanted a computer without an operating system and no keyboard.
  13. Enter your name
    hmmm you the one that says *because ur 13* ya i know her

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