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  1. Rivas
    Thanks for this incredible pictures ! While years passe away, people are getting old, crazy shit dude !

    I got news for you : 1950 was 60 years ago. Hope you'll still here in 2071 to look at your old retarded face and think about how stupid you were in 2011.
    LOL - I am looking better than my younger brothers - think it must be the beer I drink
  3. Kapitan Planeta
    Why You haven't done it year after year, step by step? 12th photo scared me nuch ;]
  4. fadaring
    The look is now the smallest of her problems : she's a racist dumb bitch.

    She could have been a legend, if she had the good idea to die at least 30 years ago.
  5. orendadude
    I gotta agree with Rivas. Great pics from the past. We all get old (don't I know it) but she was hot at the time.
  6. skydancer
    Helps for us to realize our own mortality. Beauty is fleeting.
  7. ptpie                    show commment
  8. Sigh
    How is she racist? I agree she's an idiot but racist? Because she has a problem with a religion?
  9. RockabillyVegan
    I haven't seen many of her movies but she was very beautiful, tis a shame she didn't age so well
  10. lolzz
    I would not do her anymore...
  11. adam
    sex kitten to crazy cat lady
  12. nnn
    What race is islam? Oh, I forgot, it is the religion you can't critisize without being called a racist.
  13. robin yates
    she was my first crush,,,,lips beyond compare and a figure to match. I agree the years have not been kind to her but her memory lingers on
  14. Peanut
    She was beautiful when she was young. She is beautiful now.

    She accepts her age, and refuses plastic surgery. Most older people don't look like Joan Rivers or that queen of old crones, Barbara Walters.

    fadaring, you better accept the fact the ethnic Europeans don't want any of you in their country. You have been forced on them because of politically correct morons. You have done this to yourselves by lack of respect, arrogance and sense of entitlement. You are NOT Europeans, no more than if we moved to Arabia and started calling ourselves Arabs.

    Not a crazy cat lady, but a fierce supporter of animal rights. She came from a wealthy, prominent family, but sold most of her possessions to aid the unending fight against the horrific cruelty against animals.

    Humans don't come any better than Brigitte Bardot. I wish she and Bob Barker could live forever.
  15. Frances
    I like her, she did a lot to help animals
    don't hate!
  16. Oksana
    oh, yes, she does care a lot more about animals, than people. SHe even tried to point to a Pope a few years ago that wild animals starve in Africa and got extremely indignified when he replied that actually most PEOPLE starve there. To start with she never took care of her own son. What could be more important than that?
    As for the looks - she looks just fine for her age. It was her choice not to play the surgeon and age naturally. Besides she hasn't even put on any considerable weight

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