16-Foot Python Little Boy’s Best Friend (14 pics)



Can you imagine your young child curled up with a massive python snake? Check out these images of a 7-year-old kid who is doing just that with his parents approval.


A Cambodian boy, Uorn Sambath, has made an unlikely friend with a 220-pound python snake. The snake, named Chamroeun, which means “progress” crawled into their lives as a baby snake seven years ago, when Uorn was only three months old. According to his parents, Uorn used to sleep together with the snake in his cradle, and learned to crawl with him. Their bizarre bond has turned the pair into a tourist attraction in their remote village.

Local authorities attempted to take the snake to a zoo, but once they saw the child curled up with the snake they relented.  The python only eats chicken, about 22 pounds per week, which has become quite a financial strain to the family. Also, the snake could easily crush the little boy, but neither the parents nor Uorn are worried due to their sibling like relationship. Chamroeun is considered a “magical spirit” by the family, which brings them health and happiness.


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  1. Enter your name
    irresponsible parents...there is no friendship in there! wild animal stays wild animal, one day that kid will serve as a snack for that giant snake! with no regret!
  2. CarnageQ1
    Nagini & Voldemort :O
  3. orendadude
    Snake says.....SOON!
  4. Enter your name
    old news... this is from 2008...
  5. Wind
    One day this boy will be that snakes dinner, thats for sure. Sneaky snake ;))
  6. Magda
    Yea there was a friendship like this once, I think in Florida. One day parents came home and discovered their son to be in the snake's belly.
  7. Enter your name
    Neeej hvor sødt!! <3 :D sooo lovely

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