This Will Never Happen Again (50 pics)

Trust us when we tell you that these images are not only hard to believe but highly unlikely to ever happen again. Very few have witnessed these bizarre happenings.


A squirrel eating a slice of pizza

Snooki reading a book

Someone with a Zac Efron bedspread

A corgi looking as handsome as this one wearing a sweater

A chihuahua wearing double cheeseburgers for shoes

Eminem at the Louvre

A bird wearing moose antlers

Tom Hanks drinking a juice box, at a park, leaning on a tree

A cat this drunk

A llama this small

A pig doing Taekwondo

A pig jumping on a trampoline

Someone posing emotionally with their dead uncle

An otter holding a beer

Amish people at Hooters

Amish people rollerblading

David Bowie using a desktop computer

A corgi walking a horse

A duck riding a duck

An airbrushed cat on a toilet seat

A centaur using a porta potty

A spider on top of a frog on top of a turtle

A lady holding a watermelon and a gun

A corgi fighting a parrot

Bette Midler taking a stroll with 50 Cent

A cat in a prosthetic leg

Hundreds of bags of Doritos on a beach

A car in a tree growing out of a man

A drunk smoking grandma holding a monkey

A lady with a foot for a body


A squirrel preacher

Someone with a Mrs. Doubtfire tattoo

An old man from the Medieval Times on a Segway

A movie theater full of dogs

An albino zebra

An albino peacock

Someone wearing a pizza beret

A little kid posing with a giant box of cigarettes

Floaties made of plastic bottles

Spiderman and a donkey

Dogs that deliver pizzas

An old man wearing a "haters" belly shirt

An extremely stylish monkey

Oreo hair

A shopping cart bike

Kim Kardashian pumping her own gas

A cat jacket this awesome

Someone buying this much milk

A cellphone that can actually float on water


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  1. klunkr
    Amish people at hooters? "Ill have the kosher burger please...and can someone wearing a little more be our waitress?"
  2. orendadude
    #2-Snooki can read?
    #12-My god, pigs do fly.
    #14-It's not beer, it's Bud Light.
  3. GrrM92
    Some of these will happen again via photoshop or just at any moment.. there's a lot of strange stock photos
  4. croco1988
    hahahaha the last one xD
  5. Enter your name
    so the point of this post is that your mom just died with your sense of humor so you are bored and made this ?
  6. Peanut                    show commment
  7. ptpie
    2 cool
  8. Kingro31
    I don't really get it yet
  9. jane
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  10. AntiFatAss
    #47 haha Kim Kardashan thinks that her abnormal fat ugly ass is sexy? bleee
  11. Enter your name
    #29 is an Orangutan you monkey.
  12. lolipop                    show commment
  13. Mr. Ree
    #29 - baby Barrack Obama and his white Grandma...
  14. Philinda
    Your posting really srtaghitneed me out. Thanks!

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