The Largest Passenger Ship Ever Constructed (14 pics)

Cruise ship Allure of the Seas along with her sister ship, Oasis of the Seas, holds the record for the world’s biggest cruise ship. This ship is operated and owned by Royal Caribbean International. It’s definitely worth seeing.


The two ships have identical superstructures.

The design length of both ships is 1,181 feet (360 meters), however the Allure of the Seas is 2.0 inches (50 millimeters) longer than the Oasis.

The gross tonnage of the Allure is 225,282 and her displacement - the actual weight of the ship - is equal to that of the Oasis, which is estimated to be around 100,000 tons.

The ship is equipped with telescoping funnels to pass under bridges.


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  1. ekk
    #7 - id hate to have to 'relax' there, in such a crowd.

    side-note question to Izi - the other day you posted 'fan of the zoo' (or something like that), 80+ pictures of some dude's home, half of which were pictures of the same cat.
    now you are posting 'the largest ship', and you have 14 pics... what gives?
  2. cata
    Why spend thousands of dollars on a cruise ship that tries to offer you the same things you would find in a resort but 10x more expensive.
  3. dfsdf
    jesus H christ what sore losers above. Of course it sucks, why else would it cost thousands /week to be onboard and have just about any luxury imaginable. You are right, better off at home picking your nose and browsing the net.
  4. izzimyfizzi
    Don't let the Italian cruise ship Captain on board!!!!!!
  5. gigantes
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  6. motardo
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  7. Enter your name
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  8. gigantes
    not much danger of that since he's under house arrest.
  9. lolipop
  10. orendadude
    Impressive. They also said that about the Titanic. I am sure the italian coward captain does not represent most ship captains in the world. The man should be tried, convicted and publicly executed. Hang him from the same pole they hung Mussolini on!
  11. ptpie
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  12. not bad!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    that ship is similar to a land .

    to its size

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