The Luxury Life of Megaupload's Founder (29 pics)

The founder of Megaupload’s file-sharing site, Kim Dotcom, was arrested, and his website was shut down by the U.S. government, alleging that it facilitated illegal downloads of copyrighted content. Inside this post, you'll see how crazy and unique this guy is.


Megaupload was a popular site on the internet, having made $175 million since 2005. Reportedly, about 50 million people visited it daily.

The website made money from ads and by charging customers for premium accounts.
He owns luxury cars with unique license plates that say: “Stoned,” “Evil,” “Mafia,” “God” and “Guilty.”

Kim Dotcom owns a $30 million mansion in New Zealand.


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  1. mefromsomwhere                    show commment -7
  2. mm
    Not enough money to hire a personal trainer.
  3. koowilliams
    geek win again...
  4. croco1988
    And he is fat.
  5. 2Cool4Ice
    he won the gumball races 3 times! he is fucking awsome search youtube for him.
    In 2001, Schmitz purchased $375,000 worth of shares of the nearly bankrupt company and subsequently announced his intention to invest €50 million in the company.[19] Unknown to others, Schmitz did not have the funds available to invest, although the announcement caused the share value of to jump by nearly 300%.[20] Schmitz quickly sold the shares and profited $1.5 million as a result.

    hes brilliant
  6. JasonSpine
    He is a great man ;)
  7. NM
    And despite all that he still wears his shirt in the hot tub huh?
  8. Tarzan
    I like his girl.. whats her name?
  9. gigantes
    love him or hate him, it's a bad sign that he got taken down. everyone suffers except for the movie and record industries.
  10. Enter your name
    He doesn't own the mansion in NZ, he leases it. The NZ government wouldn't let him buy property there.
  11. enigma07
    haters gonna hate
  12. Rivas
    I love this big guy. Only jealous fagets spit on him.
  13. Enter your name
    what a fucking good life he used to
  14. Kingro31
    And the purpose of this post is?
  15. orendadude
    Well at least he has the coin for high priced sluts.
  16. Enter your name
    Maybe next day someone could upload a picdump "Luxury Life of Sony Music CEO" ?
  17. asd
    I think it is just ridiculous that he was arrested. And the fact they had to take his cars and they even took the television. Now the fbi agents has really nice cars and one big telly. His crime was what? Having a server inside of us.. I surely hope he gets of with this easily.
    He is also citizen of finland and he keeps his living address there.
  18. loomy
    the reason of this post is to show what a douchebag he is :)
  19. lolipop
    fat rich guy
  20. red
    sgt. shultz.

    His response to the FBI: "I know nuhthink"
  21. yourmother
    big ass faggot i hope he gets raped in the USA!
  22. The Dude
    The fucking U.S. gov't is the REAL mafia here...fucking corporate ballwashing scum
  23. Lucifer
    Well I have the feeling that if he had not displayed himself that way, I mean with the GOD, EVIL, GUILTY, MAFIA plates and all the ridiculous pose along, things would have been different. He failed for just being opulent...but he showed something to the world as well!

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