Jaw Dropping Gina Carano Animated GIFs (22 gifs)



The former MMA fighter turned actress has given her fans many reasons to follow her career, including plenty of enticing photos and videos. However, these awesome animated GIFs of her various facial expressions and amazing body will definitely make her some brand new raving fans.


Her middle name is Joy

She appeared as 'Crush' on American Gladiators

She's the "Face of Women's MMA"

Her father played for the Dallas Cowboys

She led her HS Basketball team to a state title

Her college major was Psychology

Haywire isn't her first film. She's also appeared in the cult film "Ring Girls" and "Blood and Bone"

Voted "Hottest Woman in America" in 2008

Ranked #16 on Maxim's Hot 100 list in 2009

She played a character in Red Alert 3

Ranked #5 on Yahoo's "Most Influential Women" in 2008

She's a "Small Percentage of Italian"

Her ex-bf is Kevin Ross, a Muay Thai fighter

She was a fatty... At least, that's what she said

Her nickname is "Conviction"

She drank Old English 40s

She has 2 sisters

She's one of the major reasons why this week won't / hasn't sucked

She should sign with the WWE

She was in ESPN Magazine's Body Issue

She went to Christian High School

There was a picture of her drunk on top of a girl in bed


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  1. Norm101
    #11 is fucking hot. She'd probably kick my ass...
  2. random_reader
    for all you fap faps there - let me tell you a secret!


    she's got a 'stashe!!
  3. goldrunner
    She looks like a female ashton kutcher!
  4. GrrM92
    I need to look for that last picture you mentioned..
  5. orendadude
    MMMMM-Good eats!!
  6. gigantes
    She's the "Face of Women's MMA"

    give me a break. she's retired... hasn't fought for over three years.
  7. Tarzan
    Still looks amazing..
  8. ALeach
    Sorry, never heard of her.
  9. Antypaladyn
    Very cute and charismatic. I'm glad she didn't ruin her face with piercings.

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