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  1. ...
    Who cares??? Give me my morning dump!
  2. izzimyfizzi
    ^ what he said
  3. OoO
    Fuck this ! I'm alone :(
  4. Pvpriest
    Will kiss my lovely soap today. ( before faping ofc. )
  5. orendadude
    Ah Valentines Day. The one day where all men in a relationship wish they weren't.
  6. koowilliams
    when you said ALL... it shows that you and the people you know, your friends, close relatives never been truly loved... or you never even witness the love between your parent... what a society to live in, and you've never been to other place, living different society and see things differently... poor kid... you have my pity
  7. Pvpriest
    Dear koowilliams (Forever Alone),
    Welcome, You are in a state denial now. Me and orendadude and all of izismile fappers community passed this stage. You have 2 friends will help you now ( your hands ), if you have long one... use your mouth.
    Good luck.
  8. koowilliams
    well, i hope that you know, you and your friends, does NOT and will never represent the whole world... you have to learn to accept some people live differently, perhaps they live better... you can't apply the life of yours and your friend to everyone else... but if you can... then YOU ARE in denial, that other ppl can live better...
  9. ptpie
    well good

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