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  1. orendadude
    Ackward? Mostly creepy to me!
  2. pit98
    it is useful for small designing company. remember those funny and bizarre ads photography? some company couldn't afford these photographer, so stock imaging company tried their best to offer these wacky images to help smaller agency to make funny n bizarre ad just like how the big agency did theirs. i used to be a designer in a small agency. that's why i know. haha

    take #26 for example, it can be an ad to promote better parenting.

    By using obvious negative image like that to draw attention, agency can put in text like "the 1999 ABCuniversity shoot out begins like this". and then with smaller text advising people to better educate their children. something like that. haha
  3. mycophile
    #11 - are they saying that eating those mushrooms is tantamount to committing suicide? Those are Amanita muscaria; there are some deadly mushrooms in that genus, but that species is not poisonous. It will get you high, but it won't kill you.
  4. Antypaladyn
    #20 I can imagine a divorce lawyer for doctors using it XD
  5. mm
    Mildly disturbing
  6. Barney Fife
    A lot of these pictures looked staged and photoshopped!

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