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Look Alike Products That Do Other Stuff (25 pics)

Posted in Arts » Design   22 Feb 2012   / 17120 views

You might think these creative products are one thing, but wait until you see their real purpose.


Salt and Pepper Mills That Look Like Pencil Ends

Notebook That Looks Like A VHS Tape

Hip Flask That Looks Like A Walkman

Adhesive Tape That Looks Like Crime Scene Tape

Candle That Looks Like A Roll of Hundreds

Bem Legaus!: Compact/Mirror That Looks Like A Tiny MacBook Air

Coffee Tumbler That Looks Like A Camera-Lens

Sunglasses That Look Like Identity-Obscuring Black Bar

Hat That Looks Like A Brain

Chest of Drawers That Looks Like A Rubik’s Cube

Cup That Looks Like a Keyboard Key

Clock That Looks Like Dynamite

Phone Dock That Looks Like A Mountain Climber

Lunch Box That Looks Like A Six Pack of Soda

iPad Sleeve That Looks Like A Postcard

Pillows That Look Like Manhole Covers

Magnet That Looks Like A Cigarette

Magnets That Look Like App Buttons

Transistor Radios That Look Like Packaged Goods

Soap Dispenser That Looks Like A Nose

Doorstop That Looks Like A Paper Airplane

Pillow That Looks Like a Log

Wrapped Gifts That Look Like A Burger

Pajamas That Look Like A Suit

Salad Bowl That Looks Like A Boat

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Pointless, useless crap.
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